6 Things You’re Doing Wrong That Affects Your Health

In our ignorance each day we make simple mistakes that directly affects our health. If we could just make minor changes to our routine, the truth is, we’d save a lot on our medical bills and some, of course, some pain of unhealthiness.

Not sleeping enough

Whether it’s because the overburden from work, or because you’re too busy partying, or you think sleep is a complete waste of your time, not having enough sleep is deteriorating your body from inside.

Your body requires rest in order to repair itself. If you don’t get enough sleep body won’t recover and thus can lead to health problems. Even if you’re taking other precautions like eating healthy and exercising daily, you need adequate sleep of 7-8 hours each day.

According to studies people who often skip sleep are at double risk of heart disease and stroke.

Burdening your shoulders with unnecessarily huge bags

Over-sized handbags might make a style statement, however most women aren’t aware what those bags can do to your health. First of all, simply because the bag can carry too much you tend to fill the bag with things you don’t even need. The bag becomes unnecessarily heavy, and where does the extra weight go to? On your shoulders. You become predisposed to neck, back and shoulder problems. According to the experts heavy bags may lead to spasms, neck problems, disc degeneration, arthritis and bad posture. Well, the same goes for men’s wallets too only the location, mechanism and type of problems differs. Thus, you should regularly empty your bags and wallets of unwanted items, at least once a week.

Skipping meals

Skipping meals, especially breakfast, is one of the biggest health mistake you can make. The body is already low on energy because of the huge night-gap between the meals. Not only would you feel weak and lethargic through the day, you’re also bound to face health challenges. If losing weight is your reason to skip breakfast, then think again. When you eat in the noon after skipping your breakfast, your body would store up more fats to be used later in the day. This way you’re actually predisposing your body to weight gain, and not weight loss.

Avoiding or delaying exercise plans

If you’re just procrastinating your plans to begin a fitness program, stop doing so. Exercise has an important role in keeping you fit, especially with the altered lifestyle where your body barely gets enough physical activity. You must regularly keep a check on your weight, and start an exercise plan as soon as the weight id going over the threshold. The more you delay more difficult it would become to lose weight, besides damaging your body from inside.


It’s a good thing to exercise and helps you stay in shape and healthy. However, if you’re spending more hours exercising than really necessary, you may want to reconsider. Over-exercising would lead to hormonal imbalance in the body which is going to further increase your weight, injure your muscles, weaken the immune system, and cause joint problems. Exercise according to your body type. Take the help of an expert to decide your exercising regime.

Inadequate flossing of your teeth

When we talk about dental health, brushing the teeth alone may not be sufficient. Flossing is an important part of keeping dental hygiene, thus you need to do it on a regular basis and adequately too. The plaque embedded between the teeth may lead several oral problems. Also, if it enters your blood stream it may lead to infection and put you at risk of heart disease, cerebral stroke or even cancer. It’s recommended that you floss your teeth at least once each day.