Internet of Things – The Impact on The Real Estate Sector

    Internet of Things – The Little Details

    IoT is a network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, or other related items that are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, having the kind of connectivity that enables these things to connect, then gather and exchange data, ultimately creating opportunities in order to improve the incorporation for the physical world.

    How the Real Estate Sector is Impacted by IoT

    For the real estate industry it is of utmost importance to understand and gather some information in how the  numerous categories of sensors can track the features such as motion, air pressure, temperature, light conditions and water flow, and ultimately with the Internet of Things being the strong backbone to enable the Building Management System (BMS).

    BMS is used to autonomously sense, communicate, analyses, and act or react to people or other machines in a non-intrusive manner. With these sensors, IoT ensures to turn any object into a source of information about that product in particular as well as surrounding environment.

    Smart Homes Made Easier – The Role of IoT

    • Home Security – Lock and unlock all doors remotely using your smartphone.
    • Lighting Control – Enable to switch off and on all your lights at home with IoT at use.
    • Wireless Home Audio – All inbuilt home speakers play or pause your favorite songs anywhere at home.
    • Energy Management – For your solar panel IoT can analyze all data including which activity at home consumes most energy.
    • Appliance Control – Control over your home appliance like washing machines, air-conditions, microwaves.
    • Smart Bathroom Appliance – Prompts on your smartphone when someone leaves a tap or lights open in the bathroom.
    • Smart Wireless Camera – Monitors your valuables and keeps an eye on children and pets using the wireless camera.
    • Window Sensors – Informs you when windows are open and glass broken in the house.
    • Smoke / Heat Sensors – Detects smoke, rapid temperature rising in the house, reducing the chances of fire.

    The improvements in technology have made house management easier for residents, and if you can deploy IoT for you –the real estate sector definitely improves.

    Impact of IOT on Real Estate - 2018
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