Pranayama for cancer patients – How beneficial is it?

    Pranayama is one of the highly suggested and recommended exercise for patients who are suffering from Cancer. Regular practicing of Pranayama helps in maintaining the balance of natural health. Pranayama is one of the types of Yoga Asanas which helps in keeping the body and mind calm and rejuvenated.

    As we all know that Chemotherapy imposes a number of side effects on the patients even after the successful cancer treatment. So, to tackle that, one should make a habit of performing Pranayama. Also, the patients who are currently undergoing the cancer treatment should perform Pranayama in order to have a faster recovery but only after the consultation with the oncologist.

    Pranayama came into the existence around a thousand years ago. The name Pranayama is the blend of two independent words i.e Prana means the life force that enlivens everything and Ayama means the elongation or prolonging.

    So, to maintain a proper knowledge and practice of Yoga in India, the honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has paid a special attention to create an awareness about the immense uses of Yoga. The AYUSH Ministry (Ministry responsible for maintaining the standard of Yoga in India) has certified more than 2000 professional yoga trainers in the year 2016-17. This is a great initiative taken by the Indian Government to make the people understand the immense advantages of Yoga.

    Hence, through this article, we will let you know that how effective Pranayama is for a cancer cure. Which all side effects of cancer can be controlled with the help of Pranayama and much more.

    How to Perform Pranayama?

    Understanding and implementing the right yoga posture is one of the most important things to squeeze out all the benefits of exercise. Sit in the cross-legged position with the body in the straight back by stretching the spine. You must be facing towards east or north while performing Pranayama.

    Types of Pranayama

    As we have already mentioned that Pranayama came into the existence about thousands of years ago. There are different types of Pranayama for cancer cure which are helpful to the patients and that are:

    • Bhastrika Pranayama
    • Udgeeth Pranayama
    • Pranav Pranayama
    • Bahya pranayama
    • Nadi Shodhan
    • Bharmari Pranayama
    • Kapalbhati Pranayama
    • Anulom Vilom Pranayama

    Benefits of Pranayama

    There are a lot of benefits of Pranayama. Not only to the cancer patients, but Pranayama is propitious to all. For the cancer patients, Pranayama helps in faster and better recovery after the cancer treatment. Also, it controls and tackles with the side-effects caused by the drugs used during the cancer treatment. The benefits of Pranayama are as follows:

    • Rejuvenate and relax the mind and body of the patient.
    • Handy in improving the blood circulation in the whole body.
    • Reduces Stress.
    • Releases Anxiety.
    • Reduces Depression.
    • Helpful in controlling heart-related diseases.
    • Eliminates Hypertension.
    • Cancer side-effects like asthma, neurological problems, headache, migraine, gastric problems, etc can be reduced by performing Pranayama.

    Best Time to Perform Pranayama

    To get the most out of Pranayama, one should perform Pranayama in the morning in the open and fresh air. Pranayama with an empty stomach is the best. If you had taken the meal, take a gap of at least four hours between meal and exercise. Next thing which is generally asked that how long one should perform Pranayama? The recommended duration of Pranayama is 20 min to 1-hour. Note that patients must consult with the doctor before performing Pranayama and should execute the exercises under the eye of the yoga trainer.

    Apart from paying a visit to the doctor, there are few other factors too which have to be considered before performing Pranayama. First, never perform Pranayama in hurry and second, no one should practice breathing beyond their limit. If you are facing any medical issue, then consult with the doctor before undergoing any kind of exercise. So, by this, a question arises that who should not practice Pranayama or when to not do perform Pranayama? The answer to this is provided below.

    When to not perform Pranayama?

    Pranayama is a type of exercise which has to be performed with peace and calmness. Therefore, there are some situations when the Pranayama is not suggested to be performed and that are:

    1. Those whose lungs are congested are strictly advised to avoid the practice of Pranayama.
    2. Cancer patients or people with low blood pressure should also avoid Pranayama or if they still want to practice, then only do Pranayama under the surveillance of a trainer or professional.
    3. Consultation with the doctor is must when anyone is suffering from any disease or undergoing any type of treatment.
    4. Supervision while doing Pranayama is must if you are a heart patient. In particular, it is advised to avoid this type of exercise if a person is facing any heart-related disease.
    5. Say no to Pranayama, if anyone is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatment.
    6. Give a break to Pranayama, if you suffering from fever, bronchitis, or pneumonia.

    These are some of the situations when one should look to excuse Pranayama. Hope you enjoyed reading this. You can ask all your queries by commenting in the below section.

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