3 Ways toxic marriages can adversely affect your health

    It is so important to have positive people in your social circle so that you develop relationships that are empowering. But, most of us have experienced toxic influence at some point in our lives, and the sphere of this influence becomes multifold when it stems from a marital relationship. No one gets married to the love of their lives to be emotionally and physically abused. But, toxic marriages do exactly that to the spouses especially women, such that they are left in tatters.

    Unfortunately, many spouses tend to remain in such marriages longer than they should because of emotional reasons. But, little do they realize that they end up damaging themselves even more. Therefore, we have discussed here three ways a toxic marriage can affect your health, so that if you are in such a marriage, the first thing you do is file for a divorce by hiring a decent attorney like Cypress divorce lawyer.

    1. Physical health issues:

    A toxic marital relationship will sap all of your energy, and will drag your health down along with your spirits. It is often associated with risk factors like smoking and physical inactivity, which can result in a number of health conditions. According to studies, women who experience more conflicts and arguments in their relationships, are more likely to suffer from health conditions like high blood pressure, abdominal obesity and high triglycerides.


    Constant toxicity in a relationship results in an excessive release of stress hormones in the bodies of both the spouses. As a result, the sugar levels of blood increase and over time spouses can become insulin resistant, which leads to a condition called diabetes.

    Coronary health diseases:

    A toxic marriage can literally leave you heartbroken, and the recent studies validate this notion quite evidently. According to recent studies, women who suffered moderate to severe marital strain are three times more likely to get heart surgeries, suffer from heart attacks, and die from heart diseases than women who enjoy a strain-free marital life. 


    Marriages with domestic abuse also come under the umbrella of toxic marriages, because there is nothing more toxic than a spouse hitting his partner. Usually, women are at the receiving end of such marriages and can suffer mild to chronic injuries like bruises, scrapes and cuts. In extreme cases, there is a possibility of more severe conditions like fractures and concussions.

    2. Mental Health Issues:

    Toxic marriages involve poor conflict resolution and an endless streak of open-ended arguments that will wear you down over time. As a result, anxiety and depression start to kick in because you will feel anxious talking to your partner about anything, and that will depress you incredibly. Moreover, some toxic relationships may include verbal abuse like catcalling or mocking, which can significantly damage the self-esteem of the spouse. This deterioration in the self-esteem contributes heavily in disturbing the overall mental well-being of a person.

    3. Slower Disease Recovery:

    People suffering from a toxic relationship will not be able to feel happy and stress-free, and both of these things are crucial during the recovery phase of a disease. We have already discussed that spouses in a toxic marriage have a higher likelihood to develop some chronic health conditions. Therefore, the fact that they will have a slower disease recovery makes the matters even worse for them.

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