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7 Luxury Travel Accessories to Invest In

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One of the most exciting things about travel is the destination. Knowing there might be a glowy sunset view on the horizon or that impossible-to-get dinner reservation waiting makes travel worthwhile.

However, there can be less exciting yet unavoidable in-between moments here and there.

Luckily, those underwhelming moments (like that last-minute packing frenzy or the impossibly long airport line to the gate) can be made so much more exciting with some sleek upgrades. The right luxury travel accessories can streamline the journey, and with style to boot.

From designer luggage to the latest technology, here are seven travel accessories that are worth buying and will make your journeys that much more enjoyable.

1. Travel wallet

Few accessories are as essential as a travel wallet. Its extra neat little slots help keep all your travel documents, from credit cards to air tickets and your passport, organized. Its versatility and extra space also allow you to use it as a phone case.

For an updated, stylish look, opt for a leather travel wallet like the Jet Set Travel wallet by Michael Kors. Its sleek design is fashion-forward, allowing it to double up as a clutch for a dressy night out.

2. Noise-canceling headphones

When you’re about to board a 10-hour flight or begin a five-hour train ride, noise-canceling headphones are a must.

These travel essentials will help the journey to your destination become as relaxing as possible. Their ability to cancel out annoying ambient and background noise lets you enjoy your music or entertainment immersively without distraction.

Bose and Sony are two respected names in the audio industry that guarantee a secure and comfortable fit, making travel more comfortable.

3. Skincare accessories

Traveling to your destination can wreak havoc on your complexion, but that’s not the only issue. For many travelers, space and carry-on size limitations can also make it a struggle to pack your normal lineup of skincare products.

Fortunately, beauty enthusiasts today can find many of their everyday skincare staples in plane-proof sizes. Some skincare considerations to pack if you want to counteract the damage of flight travel include hydrating essentials, serums, makeup removers and cleansers, toners, and exfoliators.

Better yet, pack all of your skincare essentials in a stylish toiletry bag like Gucci’s Ophidia GG cosmetic case. It’s a guaranteed top-tier travel bag for your top-shelf beauty products.

4. Cashmere travel sets

Being stuck on an air-conditioned plane for hours on end is not the most comfortable thing in the world. And while you may pack only the essential clothing pieces for your destination, boarding with your own travel clothing set is also crucial for a comfortable flight.

If travel sets are not for you, consider a simple yet elegant wrap like Burberry’s monogram motif cashmere hooded scarf or the Valentino logo fringed cashmere poncho.

5. Carry-on luggage

While you can certainly travel with more things in a checked bag, the hassle may not be worth those three extra pairs of shoes or the effort to squeeze in more clothing than you could possibly wear. Traveling with carry-on luggage ensures all your belongings are with you and you never miss a connection waiting at the baggage claim carousel.

A quality carry-on suitcase or designer luggage is not only a timeless, statement piece, but is also made to last. Rack up the air miles in style and function with the Off-White “For Travel” logo suitcase or Versace logo printed suitcase.

6. Tech case

Today’s travels require the use of gadgets. Your smartphone and other tech accessories make travel more convenient and comfortable. However, this convenience comes with an assortment of travel tech essentials such as portable power banks, chargers, travel adapters, and so on.

Even without all of these gadgets and tech devices, it’s hard to imagine traveling today without, at the very least, a smartphone. To keep all of these devices and accessories organized and tangle- and hassle-free, consider packing a tech case.

A tech case can be used in place of a travel wallet. When it’s time to board the plane, you can do so quickly, effortlessly, and with style.

7. Sneakers

While traveling through the airport in your Louboutin pumps may cast envious glances your way, this may not be ideal or practical for travel. After all, whether you’re heading to a week-long beach getaway or a weekend excursion, you’ll be required to do some walking.

Avoid painful blisters and cuts by traveling with a pair of sneakers. Best of all? You can still make a statement by wearing a pair of Yeezys, Gucci Ace sneakers or Balenciaga shoes like the Triple S sneakers.

Become travel-savvy with the travel accessories above. Not only will they allow you to boost your travel game, but they can also make the ideal travel gift for that jet-setting enthusiast in your life. What travel accessories are a must-have for your next holiday getaway?

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