7 Unique places to travel with kids

In our busy scheduled days, we often tend to forget that apart from studies, getting into new experiences is also a part of growing up. Vote or raise your hands if you love traveling, especially with kids. Our beautiful world is full of fantastic travel destinations, which you can explore with your loved ones. These are not only fun but great places for gathering enriched experiences full of knowledge. When you are traveling with kids, you are giving them something which you can never take away – exposure, experience, and a way of life.

Sit with your little ones and plan for your next travel destination. The seven unique places listed below stand as a great inspiration, where you can create lovely memories – Feel like a child again.

Yellowstone National Park, Montana/Idaho

Yellowstone National Park, Montana/Idaho

Yellowstone National Park is a travel experience in itself. And every kid should have the chance to experience this fascinating travel destination. It is America’s one of the most impressive national parks, boasting geothermal features, hot springs, mud-spots, and geysers. The little ones will be in awe, watching these gurgling springs and mud-spots. The Old Faithful shoot steam of 185 feet in height seems like touching the sky. The colorful painted pots, brightly multi-colored hot springs and the Grand Prismatic Spring are the largest of the hot springs in the world. The striking hues matching the rainbow dispersion of white light through the optical prism of blue, red, green, yellow, and orange will make your kids wonder. Let your kids handle the infrared-thermometer gun and measure the status of thermal water. And not to forget the wildlife park, where your munchkins will love seeing bighorn sheep, elk, and bison roam around freely. And if they are lucky, they might get to see an elusive bear or wolf. Also, get hold of a small token of remembrance from their tuck-shops.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Try telling stories to your younger lot about the gory battles, gods and goddesses, and killer weapons. Get deep inside the historical facts and try finding out the reasons of this Eternal city appealing to the young generation. Glance through these facts about the old Roman Empire, while planning for a trip there with your kids. Once there, start your journey by visiting the gladiator school, and let them get know-how about the majestic city and its life. The tour guides there have loads of stories about the epic battles and the one like Maximus. Take a trip to the famous Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, and related places worth visiting. Pre-book rooms at the grand and extensive luxury boutique hotels. Some are old-styled ones, where your kids will experience a guided tour on several well-known myths, organized treasure-hunts, and family shopping trips to Rome’s famous fashion boutiques.

The Black Hills, South Dakota

The Black Hills, South Dakota

Not only has Mount Rushmore, but Black hills also had many beautiful sights to offer to its travelers. It is one of the most unique and attractive travel destinations. Kids, along with the ‘kids-at-heart,’ will love digging for the mammoth bones and pool-splashing in the water parks. Do not forget to explore the world’s longest wave cave. And to explore more, head towards the Custer State Park. This place has all the indoor and outdoor amenities one can ask. Purchase the passes for paddle boating to the Lake Sylvan, the famous backdrop for many movies. Cantering, fishing, and wildlife-watching- your kids will get them here at one go! With the aid of rental car options, hire one to experience the scenic drive on the Wildlife Loop Road. Plan for a couple of night camping-out with your kids here and get a chance to see mountain goats, pronghorn, elk, deer, bison, and begging burros. Stack your camping gear on the roof racks for cars, and drive down the wilderness with high spirits. Later visit the Hill City to relive the Old West memories of 1880. And not to forget, visit Cosmos Mystery Area to get a lifetime experience on the natural laws that have gone berserk. Make this adventurous trip a memorable one by clicking photos with the giant-sized Aldabra tortoise in Reptile Garden.

Dubai, UAE

Jumeirah beach in Dubai

It is not only about trendy and flashy cars and fascinating sky-scrappers. But it is about the hub of various adventurous activities for kids and adults too! From witnessing a free-entry show at Dubai’s massive musical fountains to turtle-feeding at the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project, your trip will stand as one of the memorable ones. Visit the Atlantis The Palm for more friendly and family-involving adventurous activities. An aquarium having approximately 65,000 to 70,000 sea creatures is ever welcoming to all. And not to forget the sand-dune bashing, where your entire family will get a feeling of a rollercoaster ride while riding the ‘Jeep guns’ all along the vast Arabian desert.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, in Iceland, is a magical travel destination, which your kids would love to visit, any time. The whole place showcases the ice-laden world of Disney’s well-known animated movie Frozen. With the other-worldly landscapes, along with the colorful backdrop of dancing Northern lights – Iceland stands as a unique place worth a visit. Bath in the warm milky turquoise-blue waters surrounded by black lava rocks and steam rising from all sides. Gift your little ones a lifetime and surreal experience of the legendary Blue Lagoon. Fascinate them with the fantastical tales of ‘Huldufolk,’ meaning ‘hidden folk.’ Sit around with the Icelanders as most of them believe in elves. Listen to their fascinating stories.  Float into the imaginary world of Rumpelstiltskin, and stir the child within, while enjoying every moment in Reykjavik.

Melbourne, Australia


Australia is yet another dream holiday destination, and especially if you plan to travel with kids. But before booking your tickets and reserving hotel rooms, you should decide whether your kids are grown-up for the extended airplane journey. Once in Australia, visit the Scienceworks Museum and check-out the penguins’ march at Phillip Island. Experience a train ride of the ancient Puffing Billy Steam Railway and enjoy the lush green forest at both the sides full of fern-gullies. Stay lavishly at Melbourne’s boutique hotels and let your loved ones experience the Children’s High Teas.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

A lifetime experience and nobody can deny this. Cape Town, South Africa’s capital, is famous for unbelievable hiking tours and picturesque locales. Pre-book rooms at the hotels catering to various adventurous activities and keep both of you and your kids’ hands full. Take your kids to One&Only Cape Town to enjoy kids-friendly programs. Avail a few of them and let your little ones get the worldly pleasures. Most of the hotels organize specific field trips to Butterfly World, Boulders Beach, and Penguin Colony and Two Oceans Aquarium. Avail these and swim with the penguins and more.

Create memories!

Sometimes it can be hard to convince everyone in the family while trying to make the best travel decision. And many might vote for your choice too! Leave aside worrying about leaving your kids with your friends and relatives for babysitting. Instead, pack your bags and venture into the world full of adventure – both perfect for you and your kids. Have loads of stories to tell them and not just things to show. These seven unique travel places will do the trick – offering a platter full of sites for all ages. Holidays with kids is not about just about the holiday; it is about creating beautiful memories. Remember always – two of the greatest gifts you can give your kids – roots and wings!

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