8 Must Have Things for a Perfect Summer Wardrobe

    It is a good thing to follow trends of the fashion world so that your Instagram photos do not look outdated, but there is something about fashion essentials that calls to you every time you want to update your wardrobe. You need these essentials in your wardrobe to make it complete. For this summer season, we are giving you a list of 8 essential fashion products that you need to own. 

    Denim Shorts is a must!

    It is summer season and it is perfect time to don some washed denim shorts. Denims are timeless in nature and you can play a lot with this classic product; go ripped, go for your choice of size or just get one from known fashion brands because it all works perfectly well! You can pair your denim shorts with t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, etc. My person favorite is to tug a white shirt in my shorts and pair it with white shoes; yup, it is LIT!

    Crossbody Bag

    8 Must Have Things for a Perfect Summer Wardrobe 1

    Get a colorful crossbody bag to give that pop of hues and tints to your wardrobe collection. You can pair this versatile accessory with long skirts, minis, midis, loose denims, etc. Also, let us say it out loud that it does come handy when you do not need to carry many belongings and worry about carrying a bag! These crossbody bags come in an assortment of patterns, colors, and prints; you should go for a chic piece that can be paired with a range of outfits.

    Go for a photogenic and strappy stiletto

    If you are up for making a strong style statement in summer season then it would be a great idea to get yourself a pair of instagrammable stilettos. Currently, the ones with straps are in fashion; the color choice of the footwear is upto you. You can go for warm colors like orange and red or keep it nude with silver and copper colors. Over and above everything else, you can literally pair it up with ankle length jeans, frocks, skirts, midis, minis, etc.

    Shirt Dress- An Effortless Styling

    You should definitely have one of these (take it from me and go monochrome on this!) in your summer wardrobe. They look absolutely chic and you can don them in personal and professional space. If you are going out for drinks with your friends and do not wish to overdress then this shirt dress will be just perfect for the occasion. You can choose the length of your shirt-dress slit and the position of it (mid or sides) and go for a piece that compliments your body physique.

    Leggings- Right for workout sessions & as casual wears

    What do you do when you have to wear something breathable and comfortable when you work out in summers? Obviously you don a pair of good leggings. Not only that but these skin-tight stretchable leggings are perfect even for the times when you need to run to a near-buy super store and buy some essentials. You can pair these with a crop top & a light jacket or a sports bra when you workout. I would say that go for a high waist leggings because it gives a nice shape to your lower body.  Never miss the chance to save on fashion products online, with Zalora make sure to use the coupons and deals.

    Straw Hats- Classy and Useful

    What is that one way in which you can protect yourself from sun, while you make a style statement? The answer is straw hats. You can protect your face from scorching, direct sunlight and look absolutely classy, doing it! You can wear a hat while shopping, picnic outings, beach-side walks, and casual outings. It adds an elegant touch to your summer outfit.  

    Sunglasses- Stylish Way of Protecting Eyes

    8 Must Have Things for a Perfect Summer Wardrobe 2

    You need to protect your eyes from harmful rays of sunlight and there is no better way to do it than a sleek pair of sunglasses. You can find a range of sunglasses for yourself and get great deals on them, if you get them from some online store. These sunglasses come in a range of shapes and sizes and you need to get the one that suits your face shape; so try on some cat-eyes or aviators and choose the ones that suit you the most. You can pair sunglasses with any kind of dress that you want.

    One-piece- “The” Summer Dress

    8 Must Have Things for a Perfect Summer Wardrobe 3

    This one is kind of obvious mention in this list! You obviously need to have that right swimwear in your wardrobe. There are pool parties, there are water theme parks and there are beaches for which you will need a perfect swimwear. There is an array of designs, patterns and colors in which these one-pieces are available; get the one that you are most comfortable in. If you want to layer it up, you can go for a shirt-dress, an overall or just wrap a sarong if you will!

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