5 Trending Kids Jewelry Designs to Look Out This Year

    When you think of kids jewelry, you think of fun and exciting designs that can leave buyers awe at the sheer variety available. There’s everything you can choose, starting from rings and earrings to necklaces and pendants.

    There are bears, snowflakes, tigers, lions, penguins, flowers, strawberries, butterflies, dolphins, and a plethora of fantastic objects and critters that make childhood magical and wonderful. This 2021, you get all of these and even more available in the form of kids’ wearable jewelry.

    Buying kids jewelry is not easy! But things have got easier for the parents now with the availability of innumerable designs in this category. And yes, you can even include your little one in the decision-making so you will not be the victim of boring tears, messy clothes, and public tantrums.

    Let’s dive into the 5 trending jewelry designs for kids this year:

    Choker Style Necklaces

    There is an entirely different approach when choosing fashion jewelry pieces for the kids. When it comes to choosing necklaces, the best is to go for chokers as they are trending these days.

    But there are several words of caution you need to understand when choosing chokers for your child. First, think of how early your little princess can wear a choker.

    It is always good to introduce chokers or even long chain necklaces to children as they learn to be responsible for their belongings right from a very early age. Well, choosing the right length here is also very important.

    With or without pendants, the choker or the necklace looks absolutely stunning!

    Beaded Jewelry! What about the SIY Bracelets?

    The common chain bracelets are something that you no longer want for your child. How about bringing out the artist in you by going for the beautiful collection of beads? These are exquisite pieces you can take pride in possessing.

    Working on a DIY beaded bracelet or earring will be a great idea when you like to spend quality time with your child. You can go for beads of all styles- crystals, shapes, or letters.

    The best is to choose crystal kids jewelry as it creates an astonishing sight and will have eyes turning to your child every time they make an appearance at any event or occasion.

    You can even have your child’s name imprinted on these pieces of jewelry and can even go for other customization options. There’s no need to fret about this idea, as personalized jewelry for kids is already in trend this year.

    Simply putting in the letters of their name in bead form can bring a touch of glint to the dull-looking strings!

    Dangles for the Earlobes

    Well, you can have those cute little ears glimmering with beautiful dangles. Dangle earrings are all the rage these days, and they surely will take your child’s cuteness level to the greatest height.

    Of course, dangle earrings are the fashion trend these days in kids jewelry, but before going for them, make sure your child practices on studs first. This way, their ears will get used to the pieces attached.

    Birthstone Jewelry

    A stone embodying the birthdate of your child is genuinely a trending jewelry idea for kids this year. You can have your child showcasing their birthstone by going for the perfect gems you consider ideal for them.

    Of course, you can choose the stone color of your choice, but it is best to go for the ones rightly designated for your ward. The market is flooded with a vast collection of such pieces, starting from anklets and bracelets to earrings.

    You will have great fun hunting for the perfect birthstone jewelry for your child. So, what would be the preferable piece of jewelry for your child? Go by expert opinion, and they will say Rings!

    Umm, they are gorgeous and eye-catching without a doubt! And yes, they are perfect for almost any occasion. Though, you need to make a wise choice.

    Animal-Themed Pieces

    Looking to discover the adventurous side of your child? If yes, then you must indeed embrace and indulge in the beauty of nature. How? Make your choice from the beautiful collection of animal-themed pieces of kids jewelry.

    Designs might vary in this category, and you can choose the one you think will go best with the personality of your child. Remember, it’s their style you need to portray and not yours! If it is a grown-up child you are buying an item for, let her make the choice that suffices her taste.


    There you have it! There are different ways of accessorizing those little fashionistas. They say money cannot buy happiness. But still, spending only a few bucks on getting something memorable will genuinely be an extraordinary moment and experience for you.

    Uncover the beauties and have your child sparkling!

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