5 Ultimate Styles To Adopt Contemporary African Fashion

    A Guide To Wear Contemporary Afro-Fashion That Suits Your Style

    Afro-fashion have been trending lately due to its millennial outlook and cheerful feels. It emerged as a street fashion but as the street art went forward to bigger platforms, this style also took its leap to more masses and up in the audience quality hierarchy. It is now being adapted as maxis, long and short dresses for every occasion.

    Afro-fashion includes many aspects from the African-American community and also carries many traits from its native country. Let us explore them all and see what suits you the most while adopting Afro-styles.

    1.     Ankara Range

    Ankara prints are wax prints from Africa, also known as “Dutch Prints” or “Holland Prints”. Even though known as African fashion, Ankaras have some elements derived from Dutch and Holland too. They are available in cotton, synthetic, shiffon, spandex and silk fabrics. These traditional African prints is versatile in its print patterns. This wax printing generally consists of bright colours and geometric patterns. Geometric hypnotism type designs along with natural elements like leaves and animals are also a part of this abstract art.

    Ankara prints have developed itself into a much-demanded range of outfits. The options available for you ranges from maxis to dresses to tops and even shirts of Ankara print. Ankara cape dresses are good option for cold weather and Ankara long gowns and wrap up gowns make a great colorful and flamboyant party outfit.

    2.     Dashiki Dresses

    Dashiki print found a market in the USA during the black movement and has been trending since as a popular choice for African print. African dashiki dresses are available as fully tailored outfits to draping clothes.

    Dashiki dresses have an intense pattern for the neck area. It focuses on neck as the origin point for pattern printing. Dashiki prints are available in long dresses, pencil-fit dresses, tunics, layered dresses and even deep neck dresses for women. Jumping into contemporary fashion, this print can now be found in hoodies and t-shirts too.

    3.     Kente Clothes

    Kente, often considered as royal print of Africans, has a unique fact attached to it. It’s a cloth with a name. Each combination of color and geometric pattern has been given a different name by the artisan. Names are taken from various events and things like literature, art, achievements, philosophy, history and many such inspirations.

    You can select from a wide range of Kente Prints. They look the most glamorous in pencil fit dresses. Originally Kente were worn by ancient Africans as skirts and midi by women and only wrapping cloth by men. You can also try that traditional style by getting a Kente skirt or a Kente layered dresses. They generally are adopted in yellow and green shades but you can always experiment by blue shades. Purple and lavender are considered royal colors of Africa, that may work well with your personality too!

    4.     Patchwork

    Wax-printing gets interesting with a patchwork that focuses a storytelling through art. Patchwork goes well with midi dresses where the elaborate patching can be attempted at the art’s full extent.

    This patchwork was traditionally block printed on a cotton cloth, but are now available in various textile forms. Patchwork dresses accompanied by a turban or a head scarf gives a classy African look.

    5.     Iro and Buba Dresses

    Iro and Buba are traditional Nigerian dresses. They got famous in the late 80s. These are essentially a 5-piece attire but you can mix and match according to your fashion style. Iro are draped or tailored skirts and Buba re long sleeves loose or body-fit blouses. Iro are accompanied with a long piece of cloth worn as a belt called Ipele. Head gear or tie called Gele is the main attraction of this outfit. It is wrapped around the head.

    Iro and Buba dresses are a classy red-carpet choice for your wardrobe. They are available in fully laced, embroidered, shiffon or silk look. The head gear makes the outfit royal traditional African. Check out these outfits for your wardrobe now!


    Contemporary African Fashion has emerged as an ultimate modern trend. From color choices to printing pattern built up to dress style, African fashion has a variety to offer for the fashionistas.

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