How to look best even during the freezing winters: Men’s clothing guide

    What do you do when the winters are at their peak? Do you still look sharp and handsome, or do you pack yourselves looking like a grizzly bear out in the woods? Dressing for winters might be tricky as you must maintain a balance between comfort and style. If you focus more on the style and sacrifice your comfort, you might not appear as handsome as you’d want to be with a shivering body and chattering teeth. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style either just to stay comfortable on a winter day.

    Now as the winter sale is here, it’s time to fill your wardrobe with some winter essentials. Here are a few tips to help you look you best even in winters:

    1. Choose outer layers yourself smartly

    When you decide to layer yourself up, you must be smart about it. It would do you no good if you’re unable to hold off the cold, or you appear like a balloon. There are several kinds of winter wear and mens jacket to choose from. Go for the ones that look good on you. If you’re small, try puffer jackets. On the contrary, if you have a few tires then fur-collared parka or duffle coats are your friends. Winter is the time for colours. So, go on, experiment with different colour combinations.

    2. Efficient Middle layers

    What if the outer layer is too much, and you end up warmer than you want to be. Of course, you’ll have to get rid of your jacket. However, if the middle layer is not efficient enough you might be in trouble.

    Knitted jumpers, pullovers or sweatshirts are your friends if you’re looking for more of a casual look. Crew necks, V-necks or cardigans are more suitable for formal occasions. Try turtle necks for a more fun look, and channel your inner model like Sean O’Pry.

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    3. Don’t forget to accessorize

    You might remember all those nerdy beanies, scarves, leg warmers and gloves in which your mother wrapped you up in when you were a child. In fact, you may even have been bullied for them. However, now that you’re a grownup and no one is going to bully you, it’s time to get those accessories out.

    In order to pull off a great look, choose designs that complement your attire. Choose sensible colours, instead of going for bright and flashy colours. Also, it’s important to buy excellent quality stuff as cheap ones are going to ruin your appearance.

    4. Time for boots

    Winters are also the time to go extravagant with your footwear. Those boots that you were afraid to wear during summers, it’s time to show them the sunshine. Boots are particularly necessary in places where it snows.

    5. Sunglasses

    If you think that sunglasses are only for the summers when the sun is shining at its best, think again. You need to protect your eyes even when you’re out in the winter sun. Though, you must stay away from bright frames meant for summers and make yourself look like a douche. Go for Vintage tortoiseshell frames or some decent neutral ones.


    Now, that you’ve some idea about what to wear this winter, it’s time to shop. Since many men don’t like to go out to the mall to shop, online shopping for men comes as a great relief. Just make sure whatever you buy, it should complement you, and enhance your looks while keeping you warm.

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