Wear a leather jacket the chicest way – Your ultimate style guide

    We all have a different interpretation of style. To some, it is minimal, whereas to others, it is larger than life. When it comes to leather jackets, we are yet to find someone who does not like them. They are the ultimate accessory. An essential that every man and woman need, leather jackets are strikingly and unapologetically bold. When they enter a room, they make a grand entrance. If there is one thing you must have if you are going to be wearing a leather jacket, it is confidence because this baby is not one for the weak.

    Styling leather jackets is not a complicated ordeal; however, we all could use a little adapting inspiration to spice up our everyday looks.

    Wear a leather jacket the chicest way - Your ultimate style guide 3

    Here is how you wear can your favorite leather jacket in the chicest way possible. Let us get started.

    1. Classic Leather Jacket

    Classic leather jackets are referred to as classics for a reason. They have stood the test of time, and they still stand here victorious, looking as chic as ever. This understated cut craves for a good fit. The jacket itself is very minimal and no fuss.

    It embraces simplicity letting its fit speak volumes for itself. Such is the beauty of a well-tailored fit – the better your fit, the better you look and feel. As a minimalist and conservative, you will be drawn to this cut the most, as it is super basic but a statement in its own unique way. There is nothing quite comparable to a classic genuine leather jacket.

    To keep with the theme of classics, style your leather jacket with simple and timeless pieces such as a pair of trusty jeans and a tee or a pair of chinos and a tailored dress shirt. It is best to keep your pairings with this one elegant and sophisticated.

    2. Biker Jacket

    Biker jackets originally came into existence after their cropped cut was discovered to be the perfect fix for motorcyclists. Fortunately, biker jackets made their way into contemporary everyday wardrobes because frankly, we would be nowhere without them.

    Biker jackets exude an undeniably electric aura that compels you towards them. The second you put one on, you feel like a badass. There is a reason why every bad boy in every movie wears a leather jacket. They are just ridiculously sexy!

    Unlike the classic leather jacket, biker jackets come with a little more detailing – it is part of what gives them that extra edge. Their eye-catching collection of features includes zippers, buckles, buttons, broad lapels, and more. They come in a body-hugging silhouette that attracts attention to your shoulders.

    The best way to style a biker leather jacket is with a pair of skinny jeans, a plain tee, and a couple of ankle boots – a stunning combo will ensure all eyes are on you. Another way to style them is with turtlenecks paired with jeans, wide-legged trousers, or skirts. Biker jackets speak for themselves, so you should give them the spotlight that they deserve. Keep all your ensemble components simple to let this bad boy shine.

    3. Bomber Jacket

    Bomber jackets were initially introduced as flight jackets; however, they are now a favorite for many. Their baggy cut paired with a cinched waist and wrists flatters all shapes and sizes. Perfect for the day or night time, bomber jackets never fail to impress. They exude a chic and hip vibe that looks nothing short of perfection when paired with an array of clothing – an attribute others jackets do not possess.

    Pair your banging leather bomber jacket with a chic knit dress, a pair of standard jeans and a graphic t-shirt, or over a pair of tailored dress pants and a button-down shirt. Bomber jackets are super versatile and easy to pull off. Styling this one is a no brainer.

    4. Racer Jacket

    Racer jackets follow the same theme as that of the classic leather jacket, except this one comes in a more fashionable outlook that is more modern than vintage. Every minimalist’s dream come true; this sleek and sophisticated jacket is everything but basic. They come with simple detailing, a slim fit, and a strong front zipper. Occasionally, you might stumble across some detailing on the shoulders, as well.

    For a plain and simple number such as this, you have room to play around with other elements of your ensemble. With a racer jacket, you can experiment with an array of colors and prints.

    For a minimal look, we suggest sticking to simpler themes like a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans or a simple monotone dress. If you wish to bring the drama, by all means, pull out all the vibrant colors and abstract prints and mix and match accordingly. Throw on a racer jacket on top, and you are ready to head out. This is why racer jackets are great. They look fantastic on their own, and they also look great when paired with other pieces, making them the perfect complementing accessory.

    5. Flight Jackets

    If a leather bomber jacket and a shearling jacket had a baby together, it would be a flight jacket – and the baby is a beautiful one, to say the least. Flight jackets are the perfect hybrid specimen that comes in the classic baggy cut of a bomber jacket except with the added detailing of a fur-lined collar. The fur keeps you warm, making the flight jacket both super fashionable and practical. Flight jackets are a winter essential that keeps you cozy while making sure you look like you just walked off the ramp. Who would complain about that?

    Since flight jackets are perfect for the colder months, it is best that you sport them with a turtleneck and a pair of jeans or over a warm knit dress and knee-high boots, perhaps. You can even wear them over a comfy cardigan and jeans for a cozy daytime look. Remember to not go overboard with layering. Let the flight jacket shine and do its job.

    Leather jackets can easily be dressed up or down to add up to your outfit ideas. They are versatile and super easy to play around with. Now that we have discussed leather jacket styles let us get into some outfit ideas that will make sure that your jacket gets the center stage that it deserves.

    6. Biker Chic

    For the ultimate striking edgy look, pair your biker jacket with ripped jeans and Doc Martins or high-top sneakers. Even better, you could sport it over an all-black ensemble with a pair of boots. Stick to darker hues and fitted cuts for the perfect grunge biker chic look.

    7. Athleisure Extra

    Athleisure is perhaps the most sought after trend nowadays. Pair your comfy athleisure favorites with your leather jacket to upgrade your casual outfit into something more fitting for a night out. Wear your jacket over your hoodie, a pair of converse, and a cap for the finishing touch.

    8. Traditional Twist

    Give your classic pairing of a white button-down shirt and slacks a makeover with a leather jacket. Pair the look with oxford shoes to complete the look. There is nothing quite like a polished traditional look spiced up with contemporary favorites.

    9. Functional French

    Wear your leather jacket over a turtleneck and chinos and tie the whole look together with a belt and lace-up oxford shoes. It is simple, it is chic, it is hip – not only will you look posh but you will also be super comfortable.

    10. Office-Appropriate

    Professional attire can be quite limiting and frankly, monotonous. Suits are great, but you can get tired of wearing one every day, let us be honest here. For an edgy but elegant office-appropriate look, give your daily look a swirl and pair your tailored pants or pencil skirt with a turtleneck and a vest. Complete the look with a jacket on top, and you are ready to go. Practical and chic, what more could anyone want?

    11. Parting Thoughts

    Leather jackets are effortless to style. They speak for themselves. All they need is a little push to go that extra mile. Learn the art of mixing and matching different pieces for the ultimate styling. It is important not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Use our leather jacket styling guide to look and feel your best and most fashionable self.

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