Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat: Is this the Mantra of Success?

    People, especially students appear to predict the success mantra as “Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat”. They give up on everything and immerse themselves purely into studies without realizing the fact that “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” However, the road to academic success doesn’t necessarily need to be full of compromises and obstructions. A healthy balance between studies and leisure can help achieve goals as well.

    In a stride to achieve their goals, many students bury themselves under a pile of books, start their day early and study until the wee hours and finally, stop becoming visible to the world. Good grades in the examination will decide their future, it’s true, but is it healthy to confine themselves within the four walls of the room? No, this can lead to depression, add to the stress level and affect the grades as well.

    So, if you are aiming to be a doctor or an engineer, here is how you can excel in your preparation and score good grades.

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    Apply for a Scholarship

    Start your preparation at an early age by applying for a scholarship and make the most of the time at hand. Doing this, you won’t have to follow the Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat mantra to ace the examination. Scholarships take most of the burden away and keep your mind free and relaxed. Once you have cleared the scholarship examination, the institute and experienced faculty members will devise a robust strategy that helps you ace the exam. And yes, you won’t even have to bury yourself in a pile of books. Not only this, but you will also have ample time for yourself and to revise.

    Reputed coaching institutes like Aakash conduct an annual national talent search examination for class 8, 9 and 10th students. This scholarship exam is conducted with an aim to give deserving students the financial backing they need for the preparation of competitive examination.

    Keep Your Schedule Smooth and Updated

    Stay consistent with your planned approach. Prepare a schedule that gives you enough time to indulge in activities you like. Be it watching a 2-hour long movie or catching up a football game with other kids in your society, don’t quit doing things you’ve always loved. Small breaks between the study schedule will give your brain a much-needed time out. Also, when you start again, you will be amazed at how well you can concentrate.

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    Make a Solid Plan

    Making a solid study plan will undoubtedly keep you away from getting stressed. You will know exactly when you need to start a new topic, new subject or start practising through mock tests. This helps you feel accomplished, balanced and relaxed. So, make a solid plan that is defined in a way that it will take you a step closer to what you have been dreaming of, day in and day out.

    Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    Never keep yourself away from getting adequate sleep. All study and no sleep can directly affect your mood and the immune system as well. Also, you might even start feeling stressed out too quickly. Give your body the amount of sleep it requires, and you’ll be able to get better at memorising and problem-solving. If your mind and body do not have a connect, you might not be able to score the grades you are aiming for. So, think about the future and make sure you are sleeping well.

    Find Time Out for Yourself

    Whether this means going out on a day trip with friends or visiting grandparents, it is crucial for your health and brain to have some time away from the preparation. Once you are finished with the chapter or topic, you planned for the day, be sure to find some way to relax your mind. This will melt away all the stress and would keep you sane while following the schedule you have prepared for yourself.

    Final Words!

    There are many ways to go about with the competitive exam preparation. Thinking that giving up on all the luxuries of life is the only way to achieve your dreams is not the right approach. Always be flexible with making changes in your schedule according to the situation. See what works for you and go ahead with the plan. However, it is suggestible that you craft a perfect balance between studies and entertainment breaks to keep your body away from feeling overwhelmed with studies. Furthermore, you can also appear for the national talent search examination for class 8, 9 or 10th conducted by Aakash Institute to back your preparation well.

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