5 Ways to De-stress to lead a healthy and peaceful life

    There is little doubt that you live a very unhealthy and stressful life these days, and the credit goes to growing competition, stringent deadlines, crowded roads, increasing pollution, and junk food. You can’t expect to live a peaceful life if you are battling with aforementioned things.

    And the question remains, how can you bring that much-needed change in your life. Well, before you even start thinking about it, you need to understand the fact that nothing comes easy in life. You have to work hard for everything. Yes, hard work is the key to success, and it is the only magic formula to lead a healthier and peaceful life.

    You have to change your routine completely and make sure that you stick to it for years to come. When you talk about changing your routine it includes everything from bringing that ultimate change in your diet plan, to your fitness routine and working style in the office.

    Given below we have rounded up some super helpful tips to de-stress your body to live a peaceful life.

    Create a healthy diet plan

    One of the most important steps in this direction is to eat healthy food because that’s the best way to stay energetic. Since we live a very hectic life these days, we fail to pay attention to what we eat, which is really disturbing. People who underestimate the significance of consuming healthy food often struggle with health problems.

    Yes, you can easily improve your fitness level simply by bringing some concrete changes in your diet. Include nutritious foods such as green-leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, pulses and dairy products like milk and curd in your diet.

    Whenever you feel hungry in between your meals, don’t rely on unhealthy snacks that only increase your calorie intake. Rather than doing that, you can rely on nutrient-packed nuts, and fruits such as apple, grapefruit, avocado, pomegranate, oranges, guava, cherries, and strawberries.

    Food is the ultimate source of energy, and staying energetic is the first step toward living a healthier life.

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    Create a practical fitness plan

    Sticking to a powerful fitness routine is one of the most important ways of de-stressing your body. Prolonged sitting, staring at a screen all day long, and absence of physical activities weakens your body like anything, so it’s crucial for you to deal with these things effectively.

    If it’s possible for you to join a gym, do it in the first place. However, if you are finding it hard to join a gym because you live a very busy life, then you can also create your own fitness plan.

    Carry out an extensive research on the internet to figure out what kind of exercises should you incorporate into your fitness routine. Remember the exercises that you incorporate into your workout plan largely depends on your fitness level. For example, if your body is not that flexible, you should include flexibility exercises in your workout routine.

    Stretching exercises are very good for improving muscle flexibility, so you should also perform them. Some of the best stretching exercises include the runner’s stretch, the low lunge arch, the forward hang, standing hamstring stretch, triceps stretch, and frog stretch.

    In addition to that, you should also focus on strength building exercises such as squats, push-ups, crunches, tricep dips, burpee finisher and dumbbell workout.

    Focus on your posture

    Poor posture is one of the biggest causes of a number of musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, shoulder ache, headaches, and neck ache etc., therefore you must take necessary steps to improve it. In other words, poor posture leads to a variety of musculoskeletal, digestion, sleep and breathing problems.

    According to Atlas Physical Therapy, a west orange NJ-based physical therapy clinic, “In some cases, the causes of your headaches or neck pain may be obvious — if you’ve recently been in a car accident or suffered a sports injury, for example. Often, however, problems can develop through poor posture or from having to perform the same action repeatedly.”

    Performing quality exercises that focus on your spine and back can prove to be very important in improving your posture. Also, if you are someone who spends long hours at your desk staring at your computer, then make sure you change your position frequently. Yes, prolonged sitting is one of the major causes of poor posture, so you must break that pattern if you want to live a healthy life.

    Work on your breathing

    If you live a highly stressful life, start working on your breathing, because it plays a crucial role in calming down both your mind and body. When your body is tired, the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone increase in it. And when cortisol levels increase in your body you feel extremely stressed-out, which makes it impossible for you to focus on your work.

    However, proper breathing can bring a world of difference in the way you feel because it calms down your mind. It actually helps in calming down your autonomic nervous system, which then releases happy hormones that calm down your body. In short, you can say that proper breathing helps in releasing endorphins, and a variety of other hormones that de-stress your body.

    Deep breathing is very good, so take out some time from your busy schedule to improve your breathing skills.

    Physical therapy

    Physical therapy is also very good for de-stressing your body. The non-invasive techniques used by physical therapists help in releasing muscle tension, which generally stems from the physiological effects of stress. And the worst part is that muscle tension can lead to problems like back pain, which can restrict a person’s mobility.

    So, whether you are struggling with frequent episodes of headaches, back and neck pain, or shoulder pain, you can rely on physical therapy. If you have gone to a doctor first, and they have asked you to consult a physical therapist, make sure that you approach a reliable physical therapy clinic immediately.

    Since physical therapy is a drug-free and non-surgical treatment method, anyone can benefit from it.

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