Catching them young: Your child’s aptitude marks future success

    As a parent, you are invested in your child’s wellbeing and happiness. As your child grows up, they begin to exhibit a unique set of interests and likes. You feel that you must guide them towards a career in medicine, law, architecture or engineering. But are you certain that your child will do well in the course of study that you choose for them?

    Too often, many parents push their children into taking up a branch of study that is not to the latter’s liking. Or the child may be too confused or under peer pressure to choose a certain stream. In either scenario, the child is not likely to do well if they are not interested in the course of study that they choose. Every child has their own interests and pace of learning. Tapping their area of actual interest is the key to helping them find future success in their career. A good way to do this is by taking the test on Aviva Kidoscope, a child aptitude platform that identifies their key strengths and guides on how to nurture them to prepare them for future success. It uses psychometric evaluation to get deeper insights into your child’s mind.

    What is psychometric evaluation?

    A psychometric test is a scientific measuring tool that evaluates the child’s mental and cognitive abilities at different stages of their lives. The test picks up cues on personality traits, likes, areas of discomfort and interest, cognitive capacities, etc. It then offers insights into the kind of study and career that the child can flourish well under. Thus, the psychometric evaluation differs widely from a simple aptitude test – the latter does not tap where the child’s true passions lie, nor is it able to identify key aspects in the child’s mental make-up that can match them with the right course of study in the future.

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    Why choose Aviva Kidoscope?

    Aviva Kidoscope’s child aptitude platform offers a one-stop destination for understanding your child’s natural aptitude. It helps you as a parent get professional insights into your child’s key strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it helps both your child and you prepare for study and a career that is more in line with their natural interests.

    • This child aptitude platform offers free assessment on the Aviva India website, at different life stages, from 0 years to 16 years.
    • By understanding the child’s mental orientation and areas of interest, the platform makes career suggestions to help you and your child pick the right course of study.
    • Every child gets a personal dashboard that lists different milestones, the progress of the Aviva child plan that you buy for them, detailed and regular assessment reports, education cost calculator, and personalised advice for your child.
    • Thus, it takes the guesswork out of the process of which course of study and career your child may pursue, with a scientific framework of assessment to back your choice.

    Choosing the Aviva Kidoscope child aptitude platform saves valuable time and money by helping your child pick the career that they are most suited for.

    So what are you waiting for? Test the test today!

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