How you can plan your weight-loss to perfection

    In today’s world, everyone wants an attractive figure but unfortunately, our unhealthy food habits and lifestyle is taking a toll on our healthy resulting obesity. People are spending a huge amount on weight loss supplements, gym, and expensive equipment but fail to get the desired results.

    In order to help you lose those extra pounds the easy way, we have enlisted some of the best and easy-to-follow tips which can get you results quickly.

    What to Include in Your Weight-Loss Plan?

    1). Yes, it is important to have liquid at regular intervals but, make sure you are keeping yourself away from calorie-rich drinks. Instead, go for water, tea or coffee.

    2). Include in-season fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep your metabolism high.

    3). Never ever skip breakfast in the morning. Start your day with a glass of fruit juice, sprouts, whole grains, multi-grain bread slices, egg etc.

    4). Instead of indulging in two heavy meals a day, go for four lighter meals at regular intervals. It will not only keep your hunger in check but also keep your energy levels up. Trust me, your tummy will say a big THANK YOU for this.

    5). Eat more fibre, as it is healthy, low in calorie, and helps control appetite by keeping you full longer.

    Weight loss is directly proportional to your metabolic rate. The higher is your metabolic rate, higher the chances of you hitting an optimum BMI (Body Mass Index).

    How to Speed up Your Metabolism?

    • Indulging in high-intensity aerobic exercises can boost your metabolism
    • Keep your body hydrated with water, unsweetened beverages. Dehydration can slow down your metabolic rate
    • Having small meals more often will increase your metabolism and hence help you lose weight.

    How to Lose Belly Fat?

    • Include more fibre in your diet as it will prevent the build-up of belly fat.
    • Raise your heartbeat at least three times a week for 30 minutes.
    • Make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep daily as it has been found in a study that people who normally get 6-7 hours of sleep are less likely to develop belly fat than those who get less than 5 hours of sleep.

    How to Make Weight-Loss Fun?

    Losing weight can not only be fun, but it can also be budget-friendly. Follow these tips to make your weight loss regimen a stress-free affair.

    Dancing: What can be more fun than dancing to your favourite song and burning a few calories along? All you have to do is, give your whole body a chance to show their talent and moves to get in perfect shape.

    Jumping: Yes, it’s time to live your childhood once again. Remember that bed-jumping and pillow-fighting with your friends? Call them if you can and relive those magical moments once again. Make weight loss fun.

    Brisk Walking: Walking is considered to be as one the best activities both for physical and mental well-being. Even a half-an-hour of brisk walking can help burn 150 calories easily and helps you shed those extra pounds without much effort.

    Skipping Rope: Skipping rope is not just for the kids. Well even if it is, if you want to lose weight than be a kid. You will be shocked to know that you can easily as much as 20 calories per minute by this fun activity.

    Yoga: Yoga is a science of well-being, healthy body, optimum body weight. Yoga involves twisting, bending, inversions of your body which open up the rusted muscles and results in weight loss. Some of the ideal Yoga poses which facilitate quick weight loss are Surya Namaskar, Veerabhadrasana (The Warrior pose), Trikonasana (Triangular pose), Purvottanasana (The upward plank) etc.

    Hope you will find these weight-loss tips helpful and reach your goal quickly without any hassles.

    Shailendra Singh
    Shailendra Singh
    Shailendra Singh is the founder of Healthmania. He is a health freak and passionate about writing. He wishes to change the world for good by motivating people to lead healthy lives.

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