5 Nutrition Tips for Successful Weight Loss

    Proper weight loss diets ensure the required amounts of nutrients and calories are consumed in suitable quantities. Each individual has different calorie and nutritional daily needs that are best determined by a nutritionist. Most weight loss diets available online are generalized to suit the average person’s daily nutritional needs.

    Effective weight loss is the process of burning off unwanted fat for a higher lean mass ratio. Proteins will enable your body to build up enough muscle mass required to burn off fat efficiently. Muscles contain stored energy that powers the entire body during physical exercise. This doesn’t mean that proteins are more important than the rest of the food groups in any weight loss diet.

    Losing weight without starvation

    Below are 5 nutritional tips ideal for everyone committed to shed off unwanted weight for healthier and fitter bodies.

    Consume approximately 1.5 liters of Water daily

    Water makes up 70% of the human body hence the saying, water is life. Consumption of enough water ensures the body performs at an optimal metabolic rate. Water leads to flushing out of fat related toxins within the body at a faster rate through sweating and urination. Water also facilitates a faster and smoother digestion process. Slow absorption processes lead to the stomach converting a huge portion of ingested food into layers of fat reserves.

    Increase Watermelon and Citrus fruits intake

    Several scientific research findings have enlightened the health fraternity on the watermelon’s benefits. The watermelon’s high water content enables the body to flush out toxins at an effective rate. Watermelons contain Arginine, an amino acid essential in the breaking down of body fats.

    Oranges, lemons and other Vitamin C fruits contain citric acid which plays a similar fat reducing role as Arginine.

    Avoid high-fat content snacks

    After a tiring and vigorous workout, temptation runs high in favor of a bar of chocolate, large pizza or greasy burger. The common excuse for many people is “I’m trying to replace all the energy spent in the gym” however, this results in more harm than good. How does one replace calories while snacking the right way? Easy. Think protein bars.

    Protein bars are high in protein and low in fats and sugars. They will compensate your spent energy while at the same time increasing your muscle mass. Also, it is important to consume more natural and healthy food items like fruits and vegetables. The following infographic will explain in detail about healthy foods.
    Healthy Eating

    Avoid late night meals

    It isn’t unusual for hunger pangs to strike late in the night and disrupt sleep. It leads to unexpected eating late at night at the expense of enjoying some quality rest. The body grows and repairs its organs during night time sleep. Eating at night leads to the stomach converting food into layers of fat reserves.

    Minimize Sugar Consumption

    Sugar is normally converted to glucose which is necessary to fuel all body processes. Elevated blood glucose levels due to high consumption of sugary foods leads to many health related problems including weight gain. For people who are already overweight, whenever they consume even just a little bit of sugar, the body converts it into fat reserves since there’s no room for additional blood glucose.

    It’s wise to avoid taking sugar loaded drinks like coffee or tea. Honey is a suitable alternative. When enjoying lunch at a restaurant, order sugarless juices and desserts to avoid excess body fat accumulation.


    To lose weight effectively, discipline is mandatory when it comes to choosing what to eat. The right diets will not only eliminate harmful layers of body fat, they will also prevent you relapsing into carefree binging. You are what you eat. Eat right and you will lead a happy and healthy life!

    Olivia Jones
    Olivia Jones
    Olivia writes on health and food at! She’s written a whole other bunch of articles that deals with health and fitness foods for people from all walks of life. Every Nutrient focuses on effective changes that you can make to live a healthy and fulfilled life!

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