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Supplementing your workout: 5 things to keep in mind about whole grains

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Grains are an important part of the human diet, and contribute largely to the world’s source of food energy. Because of its worldwide use, there are a lot of conflicting reports about its usefulness when working out. A gym will often include tips on acceptable foods, you just have to see the class schedule. For more direct information about the pros and cons of whole grains, read below.

5. Not all grains are created equal

The grain category includes corn, rice and wheat. There are plenty of others, but that trio makes up the majority of the world’s consumption. Some grains are good for you, while others are bad. Some grains are good for you in small quantities but bad in larger quantities. The controversy about the benefits of whole grains comes from the nutrients provided by each type. Since everyone will have different servings of each, every workout needs a specific quantity.

4. There are many health benefits

Staying away from a lot of refined grains is one of the few things people can agree on. They are empty calories, and differ from what whole grains provides. With whole grains, you get a ton of fiber, magnesium, iron and other beneficial nutrients. This is a lot different from refined grains that are enriched with these nutrients. Your body will process natural nutrients a lot better than with enriched products.

3. Gluten is a problem

The gluten fight continues, even into the modern age. Some grains are packed with the gluten protein and can destroy even the best workout routine. Healthy grains like rye, barley and wheat are good in small quantities but can be problematic when they are the main part of a diet. If you factor in preexisting medical conditions, gluten becomes an entire thing on its own. Less than ten percent of the world is sensitive to gluten, but it is still a large enough problem to be noticeable.

2. Grains are high in carbs

To low carb diets like keto, whole grains are considered untouchable. This is where a dialed in workout routine and well-planned diet can be helpful. To get around the carb restrictions of keto, there are select whole grain ingredients that fall in line with the daily carb limit. It is a tight fit for sure, but healthy whole grains are entirely possible on a carb limited diet.

1. How to deal with Anti-nutrients

It’s not only the type of whole grain you consume that matters, but the quantity. Anti-nutrients are the biggest secret about grains. They are a substance in food that affects the absorption and digestion of other nutrients. Look into ways to degrade anti-nutrients naturally while also reaping the benefits of healthy whole grains.

Wrap Up

Learning more about whole grains is more than enough to get you started with a healthy lifestyle. It reinforces good eating habits and puts you on the path to more energy. Think of whole grains as one part of a larger building block that helps your overall workout.

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