Shed pounds with these amazing Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss

    [su_quote cite=”Christy Turlington”]Ayurveda is a sister philosophy of yoga. It is the science of life or longevity and it teaches about the power and the cycle of nature, as well as the elements.[/su_quote]

    Ayurveda is one sought-after way to heal the ailments by treating the root cause of the health issue and offers permanent solutions. Ayurveda has a remedy for almost every disease and the treatment is based on the body type. Likewise, Ayurveda is one effective source that helps in shedding pounds and burning calories. Ayurveda, Ayurvedic therapies, methods, and herbs offer a quick-fire way to reduce weight and help maintain a healthy body weight.

    Here are some amazing herbs and Ayurveda tips for weight loss


    Guggul or Commiphora Mukul Resin is one of the most effective Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss. This is majorly used when obesity involves a higher lipid level. The herb helps in lowering and balancing the level of lipid by lowering and balancing the level of bad cholesterol or lipoprotein and triglycerides. The herb mainly grows in India and helps in the treatment of weight loss and other ailments. The herb also stimulates the thyroid gland and burns calories fast and helps to keep the body in good shape.


    Triphala, the herb is yet another powerful Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss, especially the belly fat or abdominal fat. Triphala means three fruit- Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Haritaki, and Bibhitaki, and is a powerful blend to solve various health issues. Triphala detoxifies the body, balances the blood sugar level, reduces inflammation, eliminates water retention, and improves the lean body mass. Triphala is easy to consume in a powder form. Drink Triphala tea or pop Triphala tablets.

    Ghrit Kumari

    Ghrit Kumari or Aloe Vera is the most commonly found plant in every house and is well-known for the obesity treatment in Ayurveda. Aloe Vera is loaded with a lot of benefits and when it comes to reducing weight, it works at the right places. Ghrit Kumari or Aloe Vera stimulates metabolism that enhance the proper functioning of the digestive system and reduce the accumulation of fat. It leads to fat absorption and increases consumption of the energy and also is a great source of detoxifying the body.


    Vrikshamla or Garcinia Cambogia consumption is another great ayurvedic way to lose weight. The herb is full of hydroxycitric acid that makes it an amazing ayurvedic weight loss treatment. The herb prevents fat accumulation in the body and changes the function of synthesis, genes that are related to fat. To get the desired result, consume 3000 mg of the herb daily or can ask for doctor’s advice. This herb is also available in the form of pills.


    Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng or With a Somnifera doesn’t have any direct connection to the weight loss procedure. But Ashwagandha herb is a great stress-buster and can help control weight gain. Stress is considered to be a major trigger of weight gain. Higher the stress level, the more is the secretion of the cortisol. Cortisol, the stress hormone leads you to overeat or binge eat when tense or stress ensues. Ashwagandha lowers the stress level and helps support the weight loss process.

    Giloy or Guduchi

    Giloy or Tinospora Cordifolia is an easily available Ayurvedic herb used for various healthcare purposes and reducing weight is one of them. The herb helps to fight the obesity, enhancing metabolism, and eliminate fat accumulation. It also improves the digestive system.


    Kalmegh or Andrographis Paniculata is a well known Ayurvedic herb for reducing weight, cholesterol and improving metabolism. When all these functions work properly, then losing weight becomes easy. It is a bitter herb that also purifies the blood and flushes out toxins from the body.


    Agnimantha or Clerodendrum Phlomidis is an essential medicinal plant mentioned in the Ayurveda textbooks from the Vedic period. The herb is used to treat various ailments but benefits the digestive system and highly aids in weight loss. It also helps to treat the complication that occurs during the weight loss process or any other complications related to obesity. It balances Vata and Kapha Dosha, and boosts metabolism.

    Few Essential Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss:

    • Drink 8-10 glasses of water, and prefer drinking warm water 30 minutes after every meal.
    • Indulge in an intensive yoga session for at least 45 minutes. Follow it up with 15 minutes of cardio activity.
    • Avoid eating large portions and make a habit of 3 meals in a day. Do not binge or overeat. Eat the largest meal in the noon.
    • Eat seasonal fruits and veggies, freshly cooked food and avoid stale, cold storage, frozen and canned food.
    • Indulge in mindful eating. Include all six tastes in your food. Take a leisurely stroll 15 minutes after having a meal and develop a proper sleeping habit.
    • Include Ayurvedic home remedies like lemon and honey, pepper, cinnamon, Indian gooseberry, cabbage, and herbal tea.

    Let Ayurveda and Yoga become the basic rituals of your life to make your life better, easier and healthier. Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss are natural and easy ways to shed pounds in no time.

    Manmohan Singh
    Manmohan Singh
    Manmohan Singh is practicing Yoga and Ayurveda from last 12 years. Now he is co-founder of Rishikul Ayurshala, an Ayurveda and Yoga training institute in Kerala, India.

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