7 Tips to Treat Water Retention or Swelling at Home

At times you may suffer from water retention, which presents itself in the form of a swelling in legs, hands or face, or through a bloating feeling.

Water retention can point towards various underlying problems including medical conditions in thyroid, kidneys or liver, reaction from a drug, allergic reaction, improper diet or menopause. Pregnancy and menstruating women may suffer from water retention even under normal circumstances, but it still warrants regular checkups.

Given below are a few home remedies to take care of water retention at home.

1. Reduce consumption of salt and sugar: Salt is responsible for water transport in and out of our body tissues. Undue salt intake, thus, results in outflow of water from the tissues and its retention. Moreover, increased sugar intake promotes the insulin levels in the blood, which hampers the body’s ability to remove sodium, hence more water retention.

2. Drink plenty of water: It may sound odd, but it works. Drinking water has ample health benefits, and thus you should drink to the fullest. However, you should evenly spread out the intake throughout the day. If you take excessive amounts of water over a short period, it may lead to water intoxication.

3. Take herbal tea: Herbal tea has a diuretic action without side effects. It helps in removing the excessive water from the body.

4. Make use of natural diuretics: Before you decide to buy diuretics from a medical store, you may try the natural products with diuretic action. Cranberry juice, for example, is a good option. Besides, it’s delicious too and you can drink it as much as you want. Another good option is to munch on fennel seeds. Apple cider vinegar, raw cabbage leaves and parsley are more food products that aids in removing water retention.

5. Ice packs: This method should not be used by those who suffer from diabetes. But if you’re not a diabetic and have water retention problem, you may use a thin cloth to tie down some ice cubes in an ice pack and apply on the affected areas.

6. Garlic: Take garlic early in the morning on an empty stomach. Not only it is going to relieve water retention, it’s also good for fat breakdown.

7. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol promotes water retention in our body by forcing it to stock more and more water. Hence, you should either completely avoid alcohol, or take in limited quantities.