Arleta Urgent Care: The Best Kind of Health Care in Emergency

    Arleta urgent care offers convenient health care services for patients who are suffering from minor health issues. What makes urgent care centers better is the fact that you don’t need to wait for long hours to receive Arleta urgent care services once you walk into our facility. 

    Arleta urgent care extends its working hours to accommodate patients who require time-sensitive medical care and during closed hours. Urgent care centers are reliable because they offer even on weekends when many doctors have closed their offices. Arleta urgent care services also offer high-quality care for patients with health issues that are not life threatening. 

    Time-sensitive medical conditions refer to medical conditions that require immediate attention. Your primary care physician may not be available sometimes because of back-to-back appointments. In this case, you need a medical facility that does not require appointments. Arleta urgent care clinics allow you to walk in and immediately get proper and affordable medical attention. 

    What is Urgent Care?

    Urgent care clinics are essentially necessary medical health care facilities that offer immediate health care services for outpatients. Urgent care or walk-in clinics mostly deal with acute medical conditions that have been addressed immediately after they occur. This does not mean that these medical conditions are life threatening. 

    You can also get chronic disease management services at Arleta urgent care. Urgent care centers are not set up to replace family physicians. They are only set up to offer medical assistance to primary care providers when they are not available to offer time-sensitive medical care. Some of the health care services offered at Arleta urgent care include sports physicals, same-day appointments, vaccinations, free pregnancy tests, and IV hydration. 

    Which medical services does Arleta urgent care offer? 

    Urgent care clinics are often staffed with nurse practitioners, nurses, and physician assistants. However, there are other urgent care centers that have physicians as part of the staff. Most walk-in care facilities offer X-ray imaging services, and basic lab tests care services. These services are sometimes necessary for finding out the extent of injury or the type of disease the patient may be suffering from. Proper diagnosis helps to develop effective treatment plans. 

    Arleta urgent care services have a list of medical conditions that they can diagnose or treat. They also have set operating hours. This is what makes Arleta urgent care more affordable, with shorter waiting periods than an emergency room. Below are some of the health and medical care services offered at Arleta urgent care clinic:

    Treatment for animal and bug bites

    Depending on the kind of bug or animal bite, the wound may be fatal or minor. The animal or bug bite may be highly poisonous, and this may require medical attention in emergency rooms. Minor bites from dogs and cats are easily treated at Arleta urgent care. School children and athletes are prone to animal bites, where an animal may bite the arm, leg, face, or buttocks. As a safeguard, you should always keep a safe space or distance from an animal because they are quite unpredictable and may decide to attack you at any moment. Animal bites are treated by rabies and tetanus shots. Antibiotics are also necessary to prevent infections. 

    Treatment for minor burns and injuries

    Arleta urgent care clinic has well-trained medical professionals and advanced medical technologies to diagnose and treat all kinds of acute medical conditions and minor injuries. There are among the time-sensitive medical care services that you are going to get at this clinic. Rushing to the nearest emergency room is not advisable because the wait time is longer since life-threatening conditions are prioritized. 

    Doctors from urgent care will first diagnose the health condition or injury to come up with an effective treatment plan. Minor burns include first and second-degree burns. The burn is first cleansed by the doctor, and antibiotics are applied to disinfect the burnt site. After that, the doctor will dress the wound carefully with sterile gauze and bandages. Once this is done, the patient is allowed to go home to await healing and recovery. 

    Dressing and treatment for sprains and strains

    Sprains and strains are also treatable at Arleta urgent care clinic. Both injuries have similar symptoms. That is why they are treated the same way. The medical professionals at Arleta urgent care have undergone proper medical training to dress up sprains and strains. The bones need to be arranged properly to prevent further damage and promote proper healing. 

    These types of injuries don’t require a trip to the emergency room because they are minor. Proper healing of sprains and strains requires doctors from Arleta urgent care clinic to restrict movement where the sprain or strain happens. It will only accept a few days for the injury to heal properly.

    Pediatric care, which includes 2 years or more

    Another medical and health care service that Arleta urgent care center offers is pediatric care. Doctors who treat children and address their health needs are known as pediatricians. We know how delicate our young ones can get, especially infants who are less than 2 years old. 

    These children haven’t yet fully developed their immunity. A pediatrician from Arleta urgent care clinic is highly trained to offer high-quality pediatric care. We have advanced medical equipment such as X-ray machines that allow our doctors to give a proper diagnosis that allows us to offer treatment plans. 


    For all your health care and medical needs, you need to visit an Arleta urgent care clinic. Doctors and staff of Arleta urgent clinic are always ready to serve patients diligently by offering proper diagnosis and treatment all the time. Operating hours are extended to ensure all patients who walk into our clinic get treatment. While emergency rooms play a critical role in saving lives in life-threatening situations, they are not necessary if you are suffering from a minor illness or injury.

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