Healthcare Services Available at Home for Seniors

    Not everyone can go to the hospital when needed. Some of you might not be in a position to rush to the hospital frequently due to old age or illness. For such persons, healthcare services available at home are the best alternative.

    Healthcare services at home are defined as healthcare provided within the premises of a patient’s home itself. This kind of clinical assistance is generally accorded to the aged and invalid patients suffering from an illness or injury.

    Why do people prefer healthcare service at home?

    Many people prefer to get nursed and cared for at home. They opt for healthcare services at home for the following reasons.

    Aged people dislike getting admitted to the hospital as it gives them a sick feeling. Instead, they prefer availing healthcare services at home as it gives them a reassuring feel along with the comfort of their own home.

    Even sick patients try to avoid convalescence at the hospital as the surroundings are unfamiliar and they feel isolated. Instead with home healthcare services, they can rest and recuperate in the familiar and soothing atmosphere of their own home.

    What are the types of home healthcare services available?

    Home healthcare services include a broad spectrum of activities like home doctor visits, nursing care, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, home blood collection, home vaccination, medicine delivery. etc.

    For elderly patients, home doctor consultation is a boon. Seniors with diabetes, hypertension or cardiac ailment need periodic evaluation their BP, blood sugar and heart rate, etc. Instead of rushing to the hospital each time, such regular health check-up can be completed with doctor consultation at their home itself. Elders suffering from stroke or Parkinson’s also benefit from home doctor visits. Seniors with mobility issues due to joint or bone ailments, arthritis or injuries need orthopaedic treatment on a long-term basis. Hospitalization for such long periods is not only expensive but uncomfortable as well. In such cases, the right solution is to arrange for doctor consultation at home. Home doctor visits are not only money and time saving but are also best for post-operative care of the elderly at home.

    For seniors and patients suffering from chronic illnesses or injuries, nursing care is a must. It is best if this can be availed at home as nursing care at home is more result-oriented, comprehensive and convenient. Nursing care at home includes administering injections, infusions or vaccinations, intravenous fluid management, catheterization, bladder-wash, tracheotomy, etc. With home nursing care, close monitoring of the patient and timely assistance is possible.

    For injured patients with mobility issues or aged elders, physiotherapy can be offered at home itself. Physiotherapy at home is very convenient as the elder or the injured patient need not be transported to the hospital and can be treated in the comfort of the home. Quick and effective pain relief with personalized care can be gained with physiotherapy at home for arthritis, joint and bone disorder, falls and fractures, etc.

    Diabetics. heart, kidney patients and cancer patient require a blood and urine testing frequently. With home healthcare, they can get their medical samples collected from home. Home blood collection is not only affordable but convenient due to its easy accessibility round-the-clock. With accurate reports delivered confidentially to your doorstep, home blood collection is best for seniors and infirm patients.

    Medicine delivery is a heaven-sent help for seniors living by themselves. Elders must take their medicine on time to maintain their health. But the prescribed medicine may not be available with them due to their forgetfulness, out-of-stock or inability to go to the pharmacy. The only solution to these problems is medicine home delivery.

    Ambulance need not be used for emergency only. Bedridden seniors, injured patients, and patients with mobility or mental health issues may require transportation to the hospital. Home healthcare offers non-emergency ambulance service for such purposes which make transport of the patient quick and convenient.

    For geriatric patients, the most recurrent problems begin with their teeth. Dental health is the most neglected aspect among elders. Seniors face several dental issues like plaque, toothache, cavities, bleeding gums, weakened teeth, etc. Due to hectic schedule, lack of transport facility or access to the dentist, elders might ignore these dental ailments until they become unbearable. But not anymore. Home healthcare services offer dental services at home where all dental assessments can be made at one go. Skilled dentists visit the elder at home and offer professional treatment with personalized care.

    Seniors are the ones who are most easily affected by seasonal infections. With age, their immunity is on the decline and so elders must be safeguarded against diseases with periodic vaccination. This is now possible with home healthcare services. Seniors can now be administered with Hepatitis B, Shingles, Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccines in the comfort of their home, without visiting the hospital. Trained nurses are available to administer the vaccines on a round-the-clock basis.

    Stress and anxiety regarding elder’s health is a thing of the past with home healthcare. Trained nurses and attendants can be engaged to offer nursing, hygiene and home care assistance to the elderly on a round-the-clock basis. Even medical equipment like nebulizers oxygen cylinders or ventilators are available on rental basis with home healthcare.

    With home healthcare services, elders can avail expert medical care in the comfort of their own home at their convenience. With home healthcare, caregivers and elders can save not only the medical expenses by avoiding unnecessary hospitalization but also prevent emergencies by availing these services on time.

    Home healthcare services are invaluable to seniors, injured and convalescing patients as they offer a convenient, comfortable and cost-effective treatment option in the luxury of their home itself.

    Thilak is the in-house content writer of Healthabove60, the Preferred Geriatric Home Healthcare service provider in Chennai. He mostly writes about health and elderly wellbeing.

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