How to Improve the Healing of Internal Bleeding with Natural Remedies

Internal bleeding is considered as one of the most dangerous problems which can result in many unwanted consequences if not treated properly. The simplest definition of internal bleeding is understood as blood vessel bleeding. In comparison to conventional bleeding which can be seen easily, internal bleeding takes place inside the body system. Therefore, it is very difficult to recognize internal bleeding. There are several explanations for the danger of internal bleeding. To specify, this issue can lead to continuous blood loss, uncontrollable dizziness, and hypotension as well as degraded cardiovascular health. Thus it is easy to understand that internal bleeding should be stopped immediately in case we don’t want to suffer from other severe problems.

There are many factors which are said to be the causes of internal bleeding, however, the most popular ones are traffic accidents, surgery, impaling wounds, etc. Moreover, although internal bleeding is hard to be recognized, you can rely on these signs in order to conclude whether you are suffering from internal bleeding:

  • Bloody urine
  • Bright red blood vomiting
  • Painful feeling in certain body parts

Minor internal bleeding might heal on its own, yet it will take a rather long time. Through this article, you are going to find out more about those simple yet quick home treatments for internal bleeding.

Wild Geranium

It is said that wild geranium is seriously beneficial for internal bleeding treatment. Particularly, wild geranium consumption will provide the body with a considerable amount of tannins, making it effective at getting rid of not only internal bleeding but also diarrhea, etc. One thing to take notice is that users should make use of wild geranium roots to cultivate this ingredient to the fullest extent.


Another effective home remedy for internal bleeding is birthroot. Not many people know that birthroot is a good combination of tannins and saponins which are famous for incredible capacity of removing inflammation coming from internal bleeding. Also, birthroot can be applied into the treatment for excessive menstrual bleeding as well as menopausal bleeding. Nevertheless, birthroot should not be used for pregnancy women.


For long, people have been familiar with using yarrow for the treatment of internal bleeding. More than a common herb, yarrow is able to staunch severe wounds. This ability is attributed to an abundant source of volatile oil, tannins and flavonoids in yarrow. These properties are especially good for internal bleeding happening in bowels, lungs and bladder.

Aloe Vera

It seems that we find Aloe Vera a familiar ingredient which can assist in treating many problems and internal bleeding is not the exception. At the meantime, Aloe Vera intake will soothe inflammation as well as speed up healing process considerably.

  • Extract some Aloe Vera juice from its leaves
  • Mix it with a little water
  • Have yourself about 2-3 cups of Aloe Vera juice per day.


It is suggested that you should take some probiotic supplementation in the process of releasing internal bleeding. In fact, probiotic will assist in providing instant relief from inflammatory bowel, fostering the treatment of internal bleeding. However, probiotic should be consumed under powder form because probiotic in capsule form is really difficult to be dissolved effectively.

Internal Bleeding