Review: Omron HEM 7600T, one of the most advanced blood pressure monitors

HEM-7600T Omron BP Monitor

About Omron:

Omron Healthcare was the first in the world to bring manual as well as digital blood pressure monitors to home healthcare market across the globe. Even today Omron stands with the highest market share among all the companies selling digital blood pressure units for home use.

Omron Corporation, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, is a multi-billion corporation manufacturing electronic components, industrial automation products, healthcare ticketing system and equipment.

While Omron Healthcare India came into being in 2005, it has quickly grown into leading provider of innovative medical technology for therapy and monitoring. Apart from BP monitors which most of us are acquainted with, Omron also have home healthcare products like respiratory therapy devices, pedometers, body fat monitors, massage devices, digital thermometers, etc.

About HEM 7600T:

Most people know digital blood pressure monitors as a machine with a cuff, a screen and a button which can monitor your undulating blood pressure. Well, that’s how it sums up. However, with advancements in technology and years of R&D we’re seeing innovations in such a simple instrument as well. Or, I must say the instrument is no longer simple.

That said, the most fascinating thing about HEM 7600T, the latest blood pressure monitor from OMRON, is that is the very simple to use. A child’s play.

I remember taking blood pressure with bulky sphygmomanometer, pumping air through the inflation bulb with one hand, while keeping the eyes fixed on the mercury levels, stethoscope plugged in the ear and one hand holding the head of stethoscope adhered to the artery. Oh, I forgot how tense it was to tie the long cloth-made cuff around the arm, and the failing to do it correctly and retying. If a person wasn’t hypertensive, he would simply become one by the process. How long have we come from that? I only realized this after holding Omron HEM 7600T in my hand and measuring blood pressure for my entire family.

Now, what’s so special about this BP monitor? Well, there’s a lot of this monitor than just a cuff and screen. So, let’s see some features of Omron HEM 7600T:

Intelliwrap Cuff technology

Easily wrapping of the device with Intelliwrap Cuff technology

A lot of BP measuring error occurs due to incorrect placing of the cuff. You have to take special care in aligning the marking (some cuffs don’t even have any marking, so you’re working in blind) with artery and all. HEM 7600T takes care of this issue with its Intelliwrap cuff technology. You can place the cuff in any direction. With its 360-degree smart tech it will give accurate readings in whichever direction you place the cuff in. Moreover, the tubeless design not only makes it easy to place but very comfortable through the entire process of measuring BP.


It also has an ok indicator that’ll inform you when the cuff is wrapped properly. If the indicator shows otherwise, which is less likely, you might have to adjust the cuff a little.

Ergonomic, compact design

Compact, sleek design of Omron HEM 7600T Device

Unlike the previous generation’s bulky monitors this monitor is very compact. Since it doesn’t have a tube, a separate cuff and main body with a screen, BP measuring is less cumbersome with this monitor. All you have to do it wrap the monitor around your arm and push the start button. The monitor is attached to the cuff itself, so you’d want to keep the screen faced towards you, though even if it’s not, (for example when someone else, a doctor perhaps, is going to take the reading) it doesn’t matter. Its 360-degree smart technology will still give you accurate readings.

Also, the entire device is so compact that you can easily store it in a dry corner at your home, or even pack it with your bags when travelling. Well, you may even wrap it around when going for a walk, or jog to check your BP on the go. (However, with more compact fitness bands and other devices why would you want to do that?)

Moreover, with its sleep design and black colours it certainly has great looks in comparison to any other BP monitoring device in the market.

Intellisense technology

This is an Omron’s patented tech. This algorithm allows the monitor to detect even the minor changes in the blood pressure and automatically adjust the inflation of the cuff to ensure comfort, accuracy and speed.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connect

You can directly connect this device with a single click to your smartphone using the Omron Connect App, they are both within 5 m distance. If the monitor shows “Ok” it would mean that the readings were successfully transferred which you can  now check on the app. In case it shows “err” it would mean that there was some problem in transfer. You can refer to the manual (section 4.2) for details about the same.

Ok indicator
‘Ok’ display when device is accurately connected to Omron Connect App
err indicator
‘Err’ display when there is error in connection

The app will keep a tab on all your blood pressure readings, make a chart of it that you can easily share online with your doctor or anyone else. It also helps in managing the hypertension better as now you are able to better understand how your blood pressure is behaving.


Various indicators on the device
Various indicators on the device

There are various indicators that helps you get the accurate results. One indicator—the OK indicator for properly wrapped cuff—we’ve already discussed. Other indicators are: Body movement indicator and irregular beat indicator. As the name suggests the body movement indicator tell you if you moved too much during the measurement to have affected the readings. Irregular beat indicator indicates that during readings beats were irregular. In either case you’ll have to repeat the measurement.

Five-year warranty

5 year warranty

Whoa! When in the ‘Chinese electronics era’ electronic devices are dying out within a year or so, a five-year warranty sounds like a pretty great deal. What more can you possibly ask for?

Well, after using the Omron HEM 7600T blood pressure monitor I doubt there is much to put under disadvantage of this device. Only thing I can think of is its price which is slightly on the higher side as compared to other devices by Omron and other companies. However, its advance features absolutely make for the higher price. I would totally recommend the device to everyone who care for their health, hypertensive or not.

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