Lose the stubborn fat with these 10 amazing fitness tips

    Are you ready to lose those extra fats which you have been carrying around for months? Summers are here, and I know you need a perfect body to hit the beach, but it will not happen overnight even with most amazing fitness tips. You need to define your fitness goals and prepare a specific fitness plan.

    People lose fat at a different pace, but a few things work for all. We may follow a healthy lifestyle, but to lose those extra pounds, you will need to get things right.

    Here are 10 amazing fitness tips to help you get started on your weight loss journey

    Clear out your kitchen

    When you have cheat food in your refrigerator, cabinets, cupboard, or freezer, you will eventually eat it.

    Even if you think that you have the willpower of steel and that you will never touch it, you will. When hunger strikes and you’re leptin start to fall, you will be tempted to go out to satisfy your taste buds. And, even before that happens, you’re more likely to hit the kitchen.

    That is why you need to clear out your kitchen first. If you have junk food in your kitchen, throw that away to stick to the diet plan.

    Once a week do full-body workout

    Workout Push Up

    You can choose to perform different types of body workouts throughout the week but when you want to lose fat faster make a habit of full-body workouts once a week. It will help you increase your metabolism and enhance fat loss (1).

    A full-body workout is best for all the muscles of the body and helps you achieve a better shape.

    You can consider breaking the workout routine into two parts. Once a week, take out a day for upper-body workout and other day focus on the lower-body workout.

    Daily drink green tea

    Green Tea

    Green tea must be at the top of your daily beverage needs when you are focused on fat cutting (2). It consists of many calorie-burning properties, antioxidants and several healthy herbal chemicals which are good for your health.

    A cup of hot green tea helps you control your hunger pangs; slight caffeine intake will boost your energy while promoting faster fat burning as well.

    In simple words, green tea is the best home remedy for people who want to get leaner.

    Two high carbs meal days

    Junk Food

    One very effective tip which people neglect is the importance of carb days. When your body takes no carbs for a long time, the metabolism of your body will drop and the fat will not shed off. Meanwhile, you will feel miserable in the process. That is why you can opt for two high carb meal days which will help carbohydrate staggering (3).

    You can have an entire week with a low carb meal and add two days of high carbs in between. It will help your body think of carbs all the time for its metabolic needs, even when it not consuming them.

    Remember you will feel happier as carbohydrates release serotonin, a good mood hormone which helps to keep you sane.

    We will recommend that you limit your high-carb days to cheat meal days. A combination od good workout routine and careful carb intake will help you lose weight faster.

    Increase protein intake by 10%-20%

    Lose the stubborn fat with these 10 amazing fitness tips 3

    Higher protein intake is essential for enhancing your fat loss. It is not only good to control your hunger pangs but also have a higher thermogenic effect.

    What is thermogenic effect? You may ask! (4)

    When you take about 100 calories, your body consumes about 20-30% of total calories simply in breaking it down.

    When you consume more protein your body will take more calories to break it down, it is also good for preventing muscle mass loss and maintaining fast metabolism in long-run.

    [su_note note_color=”#efefef”]See also: 9 Foods to Burn Those Extra Calories[/su_note]

    Sleep better

    Sleeping Person on Bed

    Sleep is another underrated tool which plays an essential part in the fat-loss program. If you are not getting enough sleep, insulin sensitivity will decrease. It means that your hormones will become less effective in shuttling glucose into cells from blood where it should be. In the result, the body will pump more insulin to get the job done. The issue is the insulin also a fat-storing hormone.

    When you don’t get much sleep, your body will starve for glucose which results in carbohydrate cravings and no interest in workouts. (5)
    Go to bed an hour before to get more sleep time and reduce after dinner munching.



    When it comes combating stress, nothing works better than yoga. You can take yoga classes once a week which will not only crush your stress but also gives your mind and body a healthy living. It helps you make wiser choices in your diet plan.

    Yoga is also beneficial for muscle soreness and reduces the tension your body is holding. It also generates peace of mind which helps you stick to a diet, follow a regime and tame your thoughts to develop a better and healthier lifestyle.

    Drink more water before any meal

    Drinking Water

    One sneaky tip to lose weight without much effort is to take one or two glass of water before every meal you eat in a day. It will give you following benefits:

    • It will help your body to keep hydrated. Each glass of water you drink speed up your metabolism runs at top speed.
    • The water will fill your stomach which will prompt you to intake fewer calories while eating.
    • It is refreshing. It will help you combat food craving and help you make better and healthier food choices as well.
    • One more tip, add a slice of lemon in your glass water and you will find that the desire of food will vanish quickly.

    Switch to one-ingredient food

    When you go for the one ingredient food, you will immediately cut down unhealthy and processed food. It will help you in weight loss and feel well. That is why more and more fitness gurus are focusing on dishes which are made from one-ingredient. It is not only easy to make and shop but very effective regarding nutrition value and burning the fats efficiently.


    Exercise Indoor

    Even if you don’t want to hit the gym or hire a fitness instructor, you can do it at home. Start slow but follow a routine to exercise daily. It will allow you to cut down excessive fats on a daily basis which on the other hand pile up for a long time. You can also tone your muscles and lose weight with the help of exercise if you want to speed things up, level up with cardio and weightlifting.

    There are many online exercises available on the internet with descriptions and videos which allows you to follow it and let you shape your body with fat loss. Search your relevant workouts according to your body needs and try them anywhere you like, but if you have access to a gym, you can ask your instructor which exercises suits you best.

    On the other hand, running, brisk walking and jogging will help you reduce that stubborn fat and makes you feel better and fresh.

    Final words:

    Making use of the above mentioned amazing fitness tips, you can design your daily routine, exercise regime and plan diet suitable to your body type and weight loss tendency as each body is different from other. However, keep in mind to follow healthy and active lifestyle to achieve your goals. Also, make sure to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated, avoid junk food and sleep well to hit your target.

    Emilie Burstein
    Emilie Burstein
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