Nasal Dilators – Remedy For The Snoring Problems

    Nasal dilators are small dilators worn inside the nostrils to allow air to smoothly enter into the lungs. If you have blocked nasal passages, the nostrils will collapse and make it difficult for you to breathe. This problem is solved by wearing the nasal dilator. Nasal dilator can keep the nostrils opened throughout the night until you take it out.

    Nasal dilator has ribbed paddle that provides cushioning for the nostrils. The two cone shaped plastic or rubber ribbed paddle are connected by a small slip. The small slits on the ribbed paddle is designed for the nasal hair to go through it. This allows the nasal hair to continue filtering the air when you wear the dilator in the nostrils.

    Nasal dilators made from plastic like polyurethane are usually latex free and will not attract any dust making it easy to clean with the hand. Plastic nasal dilators are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with water. They tend to be more durable and they can last for a long time if you take good care of it.

    Nasal dilator made from medical grade silicon is softer than plastic nose dilator. The medical grade silicon material is designed to hamper the growth of bacteria so that it will be hygienic to wear it every day. They can also be easily cleaned with soapy water. More about nasal dilators.

    Some nasal dilators can be molded to your nostrils shape. This type of dilator usually must first be soaked in warm water to make the plastic soft. When the plastic is soft, you can put it into your nostrils can let it take the shape of nose. The purpose of using a dilator that is molded to your nose shape is to prevent it from falling out when you are sleeping at night. It is suitable for wearing during non contact sports when your nose is blocked and it is hard for you to breathe in the air.

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    There are also disposable nasal dilators that are designed for temporary use and can be conveniently disposed. For disposable nasal dilator, it is important that you replace it with a new dilator every few days as it is unhygienic to wear the same dilator every day. Another reason for changing a new nasal dilator is that its shape could have changed after you have worn it for many times. If the dilator is out of shape, it could move easily and be out of place.

    Not all brands of nasal dilator is equal in quality so you must choose carefully. It is important to choose the right one that is durable and will not break into pieces after using for long term. The best nasal dilator is the one that is supported by clinical trial with at least 75%-90% of success rates. There are many sizes of nasal dilators and you should select the right size so that it will fit comfortably in the nostrils and not slip out when you are sleeping at night.

    Nasal dilator can be helpful for people who suffer from simple snoring problems for example snoring as a result of nasal congestion and sinus problems. It is more effective than other anti snoring aids like soft palate vibration. Wearing it in your sleep can reduce the habitual snoring in your sleep and reduce the complications from breathing through an obstructed nose. Research also discovers that the snoring noise level has been significantly reduced to a low level that will not disturb others’ sleep.

    You should try using nasal dilator to see if it gives you relief from your snoring problems before turning to surgery as a solution. With nasal dilator, you are not exposed to harmful chemicals like steroids which is often found in nasal spray. It is less troublesome compared to CPAP therapy. You can purchase nasal dilator from over the counter, online stores, or at the manufacturer’s site.

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