You Should Know: Healthy Things To do Before Sleeping

    During bedtime, a lot of people would spend their time in front of their computers watching movies or on their phone playing. These are some of the activities that people do before actually sleeping. But, these activities are not healthy for the sleep cycles. It is important to practice are healthy bedtime activities that humans should do before going to bed.

    These activities will help them fall asleep quickly and feel better when they wake up. Just like how the daytime activities affect the mental and physical health, the activities at night has the same impact on our health as well.

    Sometimes people don’t put much thought about the activities before bed. However, any unnecessary activities before sleep can affect both the sleep for that night and mood the next day. Listed here are some helpful, healthy habits to practice at night before going to bed.

    Do some stretching

    Exercise ball

    People often experience sore back or leg cramps that make it difficult for them to sleep or worst, it may be the reason for their inability to sleep. Doing some stretching every night will help eliminate the pains or sores. It strengthens tendons and muscles. It helps in reducing the severity and frequency of cramps that ensures a better sleep.

    Also, stretching helps the whole body relax the muscles and release any built-up tension. After stretching, the body will immediately melt to that king beds afterward.

    Drinking Tea Before Sleeping

    Green Tea

    Drinking tea on a regular basis can help both in relaxing and comforting. Different kinds of teas contain various benefits. Say, for example, chamomile teas are drinks that contain calming properties. Consuming it in a fixed phase will help your digestion. It will also aid in lowering stress level. Chugging a tea will help you have a good night sleep.

    Warm Shower

    Taking a hot shower will help in relaxing the body. A heated bath slowly cools down the body that prepares the mind to sleep. Also, having a warm bath will lower the body temperature which gives a signal to the brain to slow down. It will also help in making people feel drowsy before sleeping.

    Choose a Comfortable Pillow

    Pillows and beds are necessary to achieve a safe and relaxing slumber. So, it is important to choose the right mattress and pillows to use when sleeping. Most people have a poor quality of sleep because of the uncomfortable bedding and pillows.

    Everyone’s common mistake is buying feather pillows. Though comfort varies for each people, most people using feather pillows experience lacks sleep. If choosing a new set of pads, it is better to choose polyester or latex. Both gives high rates for serving comfort. 

    Do meditation

    Meditating Girl in White

    The world seems a little chaotic and crazy every day. People are getting stress over news and information that they read and see on television and media.

    By doing a meditation routine before bed, it helps in slowing down the brain activity that results in a more peaceful and deeper sleep. Meditation is perfect for people having trouble falling asleep. Giving the mind a relax time will give better results in the sleeping habits. Meditating on a daily basis will help boost the energy upon waking up the next day.

    Have sex

    Having sexual intercourse helps in producing oxytocin, a feel-good hormone that the brain releases. It also helps in decreasing cortisol which is the stress hormones. Having sex before sleeping helps put the mind to better relaxation because of the oxytocin release. It also improves the heart function and blood flow.

    Get Enough Sleep

    After all the activities that can aid in having a good night’s sleep, everyone practically knows by now that sleep is indeed important. Whatever stressful job a person have during the daytime, making sleep a priority is critical.

    It’s hard to have enough sleep every night especially when bombarded with a different kind of work. However, even if the person has busy schedules, having the right amount of sleep is still necessary. There is an underlying danger for sleep deficiency. The risk links to high-stress level, productivity loss, and even weight gain.

    Set a sleeping schedule to follow every night. Count back at least 8 hours and adjust the alarm to the time counted. Getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep will also boost the sleeping habits.


    Engaging in activities that do not involve any technological assistance like television and cellphone can boost the relaxation time. It will also help in a better sleep that will increase the productivity to work the next day. Regularly making the things written above a habit will surely give good results both to the body and health.

    Rachel Minahan
    Rachel Minahan
    Rachel Minahan is a blogger, an interior designer, and a health enthusiast. She always spends her time designing furniture and beds. Rachel also likes to share different ideas about furniture designing and interior designing to various blogs. Even though she is busy, she never misses any leg day at the gym.

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      • Well, that’s not a myth. Your prior information is absolutely correct. The tea types that contain caffeine keep you awake. All tea derived from regular camelia plant contain caffiene. Variants like white tea, green tea, black tea, they all reduces sleep. However, herbal tea, like chamomile tea can soothe mind and promote sleep.

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