How Much Should You Run If You’re Lifting

    Lifting and running are two completely different types of exercise. But if you decide to build your muscles, your regimen will consist, in most cases, of running and weightlifting.

    Of course, you might be interested why running and weight training are two main important parts of any training program. So, the answer is very simple. Lifting exercises all muscles in your body except one which is the most important – the heart.

    Running strengthens the cardiovascular system. Running helps to move oxygen and blood more effectively through the body and weightlifting, in turn, helps to build muscles and strength. That`s why it’s necessary to run in special crossfit shoes for lifters to enhance endurance and reduce body fat and it`s necessary to lift weights for runners to become stronger.

    Most coaches offer such programs which contain a proper balance of running and lifting. This balance, first of all, depends on your training goals and influence the results.

    How to find the right balance of running and lifting?

    If you’re lifting and your main workout goal is to build strong muscles you shouldn`t spend much time for running, but such type of exercise must be included in your everyday strength training.

    It doesn’t matter when you run before lifting or after weightlifting.

    Running first is useful for increasing your stamina and having a good warm-up before the main exercise. When you warm up your muscles enough before the strength training you’re less likely to pull them.

    If you decide to lift weights first you also will have your benefits. Such training allows you to burn calories faster. Starting with lifting will be favorable for the hormonal changes as it`ll increase testosterone production and decrease cortisol – the hormone of stress.

    Both variants are possible and may be useful for you. You must create your own schedule according to your personal preferences. You must understand what you want to get from your workouts, think about your training goals and then you realize in what sequence you`ll have the workouts.

    How long must your training last?

    Your daily training consists of two parts – running and lifting or lifting and running. You need to put your efforts in such a way they can do the most good.

    A moderate-intensity run from ten to twenty minutes will help to warm up your muscles (if you run before the weightlifting session), ensure greater mobility and give you more energy. A low-intensity running from ten to twenty minutes after the weight training will increase the caloric intake and reduce body fat.

    It will be also beneficial to combine different methods of running during the workout. For example, fast running for a minute can be followed by two minute light jogging, up to seven or nine times. Such training must last no more than 25 minutes.

    That’s not important what method or methods of running you`ll choose and when you’ll run before or after lifting session the main thing is to get the right balance of running and weightlifting as running builds the cardiovascular capacity and make your heart stronger to deal with the great physical exertion on lifting sessions.

    Amanda Thompson
    Amanda Thompson
    Amanda Thompson is an editor of She helps people get stronger. She shares running and sports questions, beauty tips. All her stories are result-oriented and make her readers become healthy, wealthy and wise.

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