School of cool: Revealing the fantastic benefits of air-conditioner for the health

    When it’s too hot outside, what’s the first thing that you’ll think of to stay cool? Don’t you think of going to your home or office, sitting down and refreshing yourself with the cold wind from the air conditioner?

    Air conditioners are standard in US households. 95% of homes constructed in the 2000s have air conditioners, with the south having 97% and the west having 65%. Aside from the comfort that it offers to you and your family on sweltering summer days, air conditioning units also have health benefits.

    People don’t commonly know about this because aircon units are usually for the sole purpose of comfort. Read on to know more about the benefits that your air conditioner unit can offer when it comes to your health.

    Your aircon is a cold solution for the hot days

    Hot days aren’t solely uncomfortable, but it’s also a trigger for several health problems like dehydration, cardiovascular problems, and respiratory diseases. The cold air provided by your aircon can help reduce the risks of your family in acquiring these problems.

    If you’re working at home, can you focus on your tasks if you’re sweaty all the time? It’s undeniable that a stimulating environment will help you be productive. It will also encourage you to stay at home with your family rather than go out in the heat and spend your time with other people.

    Your aircon regulates interior temperature

    You might think that it’s no big deal, but you can get sick if exposed to unstable weather conditions. There are days when you’ll have chilly mornings but by noontime, the day gets too hot.

    If you’re staying in your house, your aircon can regulate the interior temperature. Set it to a level of coolness that’s comfortable for you, and relax in the refreshing ambiance of your home.

    Your aircon will help you sleep better at night

    Have you experienced trying to sleep on a warm night? You toss and turn, but you can’t sleep because you’re not comfortable. One of the best solutions to this is turning on your aircon. The ideal temperature when sleeping ranges from 60-67°F.

    Keep the room in this temperature so you can experience a good night’s sleep. If your room has a too warm or too cold temperature, you’ll keep waking up, and you’ll be tired in the morning because you’re not well-rested.

    Your aircon keeps out annoying insects which spread diseases

    Your unit contains filters which keep out insects from outdoors. Insects like mosquitoes can carry fatal diseases for humans such as malaria (a disease caused by Plasmodium parasites), chikungunya (pathogen which causes joint pain) dengue (a tropical disease caused by dengue virus), and yellow fever (a disease caused by a virus spread through mosquitoes).

    Mosquitoes can also spread diseases like Eastern Equine Encephalitis (a rare illness involving brain inflammation). These insects can even be fatal for your pets because they can also infect dogs with dog heartworm. Diseases like these are why you should do everything to protect your family from it.

    Your aircon helps people avoid allergies and asthma attacks

    If your family has allergies or is born with asthma, you can make their lives better at home by having an aircon. The aircon filters help filter the dust, pollen, and other allergy triggers from outside. Lower interior humidity also decreases mould growth.

    Your aircon helps reduce your stress

    If you’re comfortable in your home, then there’s no reason to stress yourself. You don’t realize that a lot of daily activities can increase your stress levels. Your aircon lets you be comfortable when you’re working or doing office tasks. It also helps you stay fresh even during hot days.

    When you have less stress, it means that you have a higher chance of being happy, satisfied, and productive in your home. It could be that you’re also less prone to sickness because your body’s functioning well. Minimized stress levels can do wonders for you.


    Your aircon doesn’t only provide your home with comfort, but it also supplies healthy benefits for your family. Provide regular maintenance for your unit to avoid dust accumulation on the filters because this can lead to dust and other allergens in entering your house. You can hire experts to clean and maintain your unit from sites likes

    An aircon can create a comfortable environment where you can work and do household chores. It can also help you sleep better at night. Higher levels of comfort reduce your stress levels, leading you to a healthier life and home which you can enjoy with your family.

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