Don’t Play With Your Back!

Whether your sport is basketball, football, running, golf, or tennis, pushing through the burn is part of a good, sweaty session. But there lies a big difference between the feeling of “good pain” and real chronic pain. So if you have left the court with a killer workout but an achy lower back, its time to revisit your workout regime!

Being active is great for your body. But sports have the tendency to put a lot of strain on the spine as it absorbs pressure and withstands twisting, turning and any bodily impact. If you suffer from back problems, rather than calling it quits pick activities that leave a lesser impact on joints and muscles. This allows you to improve overall health and fitness even with a sore lower back.

Here are some of the sports you should explore and some that you should avoid.

The go-to Sports

Get in the water:

When your body is submerged in water, the buoyancy of water counteracts gravity and thus, there is less stress on your back and your body as a whole. You can perform exercises such as walking or jogging, or you can complete some form of swimming.

Get on the bike:

Cycling is a great no-impact way to exercise. You can do it on a stationary bike or outside. It also has the added benefit of strengthening your hip flexors which take pressure off your back.

Get on your feet:

Walking will help you strengthen your back and hips. It is good to start gradually and preferably on flat terrains. Walking also does not require any equipment other than a pair of good shoes.

Get on to the Elliptical machine:

This machine was designed to be an alternative to running so you get the same motion as running with none of the impact. It’s not the same as the open road but it keeps your body attuned to running.

Stretch it out:

Stretching helps loosen stiff and sore back muscles and is a good addition to your warm up routine. Many of the moves also tone your muscles and burn calories at the same time.

Sports to avoid?

If you suffer from back issues, the best course of action will be to avoid sports or exercise that contorts your back into vulnerable positions, such as bending forward. Any sports that require forceful twists or jumping may also need to be avoided. Sports like football, basketball, golf, tennis or table tennis are a big no no.

Back pain shouldn’t have to be a part of your daily life; use of targeted exercises and training with good form can put an end to these daily spasms once and for all. For the most part, exposing the injured part to heat and vibration therapy can bring great relief. If you’ve tried the SandPuppy Fitbelt, it actually works wonders. But, if the pain is chronic and does not subside with this, you should consult the doctor.

We’ve got your back!