7 Wonderful Choices For Pre-Workout Food

As we have become health conscious and started hitting gyms to keep our weight under control, it’s important for us to know the proper way of doing so. One of the issues that need attention is pre-workout food.

Mostly, individuals aiming for weight loss tend to begin starving themselves for quicker results. That is such a bad practice. Well-planned diet plays a very important role in attaining results in the least possible time without any harmful consequences. Not only is it essential to eat after workout, it’s also mandatory to take appropriate food before pumping up your muscles.

You definitely don’t want to eat the wrong food pre workout, nor would you want to eat in excess. In this article we’ll discuss some wonderful pre-workout food options.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great option as a pre-workout diet. Since, most people chose workout/running early in the morning, it’s not really possible to have a proper meal several hours prior to workout. Thus, oatmeal makes a good choice as it settles wells and is a superb source of energy required for the workout. You may add a few pieces of vegetables or fruits to it for added advantage and taste.

2. Protein shakes

Protein shakes are certainly most popular form of pre-workout diet amongst those who regularly work out. Protein is no doubt the most essential nutrient in the development of bones, muscles and skin. If your diet cannot fulfill all the protein needs, then protein shake takes care of it easily. It is alright to have protein shakes once after the workout, however not advised throughout the day. Excessive protein breakdown leads to excessive ammonia products in the body, and have the potential to damage kidney and other organs. Consult a dietician or doctor before deciding appropriate dosage. [Buy whey protein]

3. Chicken & Brown rice

For those who work out in the evenings or night time, whether because of time restraints or personal preference, brown rice and chicken make for an excellent pre-workout diet. Brown rice is rich in fibre and carbohydrates, while chicken is richer in proteins. Brown rice is absorbed slowly because of rich fibre content further making it a suitable pre-workout food. About 30 gm uncooked brown rice i.e. a medium sized bowl along with two chicken pieces is sufficient.

4. Peanut butter sandwich

It may not really sound like an apt pre-workout diet, but you can entirely trust the option if you’re working out in mornings. Instead of regular bread, however, you must opt for multigrain wheat or whole wheat bread. Overnight fasting already has your calories level at their minimum, thus some extra calories from the peanut butter doesn’t hurt. Another option is to use bagel (whole wheat or multigrain) with honey.

5. Bananas

Bananas are rich in carbohydrates. The starch and sugar present banana can take care of the energy requirements of the body for workout. Single medium sized banana is sufficient to keep you energized for the entire course of work out. One should take it 45 minutes before workout. However, depending upon one’s body type and the intensity of the workout the quantity can be varied.

6. Yoghurt

Yoghurt and curd/dahi are rich in proteins and calcium. Since these are pre-processed, they are easily digested by our digestive system. They also contain some amount of natural sugar, making them great choice as pre-workout food before an extreme workout session. You may add fruits, whole grain cereal, or honey to the yoghurt for added energy.

7. Granola bars

Energy or granola bars can provide you enough energy to last for the entire workout. Before choosing your energy bar, you must take care that it must contain minimum amount of fat.

What to avoid: If you plan to make your own pre-workout diet plan, it’s important you keep in mind the foods that should be avoided at all costs. Diet rich in fats should be avoided as they are digested slowly, making you lethargic and full, thus proves to be hindrance in the workout. They may even leave you cramped up. Although, carbs are required for workout high sugar sources like candies or raw sugar sources should be avoided. They’ll give you a sugar rush and might lead to a crash during the workout.

Even when you’re sticking to any of the above mentioned options, take care not to overeat as they can cause sluggishness, indigestion, nausea or vomiting.