Healthy Habits People Should Teach Their Kids

    From birth to adulthood, kids depend on their parents. It is the role of parents to develop a strong, healthy, independent person out of their young and inexperienced child. That’s why it’s extremely important to be aware of everything you do for and in front of your youngsters. As a role model, it’s your obligation to pass these healthy habits on to your children.

    Get Enough Sleep

    Sleep is crucial for kids’ growth and development. Kids of preschool age need more than 10 hours of sleep, while kids aged 7 to 18 still need at least 8 hours. Bedtime is also important. It’s best to go to bed early, anytime from 7 to 9 p.m. Kids who get enough sleep are mentally sharp, physically strong, and more active throughout the day. They will be ready to tackle every challenge that they face in kindergarten or school. Of course, adults who stick with a similar sleep regime are also more productive and healthier. That’s why the whole family benefits from good sleeping habits. Additionally, kids need naps and time to rest during the day. It’s refreshing and makes them less grumpy.

    Choose Healthy Food

    Another unavoidable part of kids’ development is a proper diet. Eating healthy foods rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is enjoyable for every child, once they get used to it. Teach them the importance of choosing fresh fruits, vegetables, lean cuts of meat, and dairy products over candies and sodas. Consuming too much sugar will potentially lead to teeth decay, obesity, poor immune system, or even diabetes. This diet applies to you too, as a parent. Kids will be more likely to stick with a diet of the whole family eats the same for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Don’t forget to explain to them the importance of drinking enough water every day, too.  Also avoid cigarettes and alcohol, at least in front of your kids. Don’t let them think that it’s harmless or even necessary to drink or smoke as an adult.

    Maintain Proper Hygiene

    It’s easy for a young child to neglect proper hygiene. They need to know how to properly wash their hands after using the toilet, eating, playing outside, etc. Palms, back of the hands, fingers, spaces between fingers and under fingernails must be cleaned thoroughly. Remind them every day until they start remembering it themselves. Furthermore, help them create a habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day. Show them the proper technique for doing so. Brush the sides of lower teeth in the upward direction, and upper teeth in the downward direction. Brush the chewing surfaces of the teeth and floss at the end. Take your kids to regular check-ups at Terrigal Dental or other expert dentists in your local area.

    Play And Learn

    Physical activity is as important as anything on this list. Kids are normally very curious about their surroundings. Let them explore the nearby nature and play with their peers. Spend as much time outside with them as possible. Go for walks, bike rides, or play some sports. They will have better coordination, more energy, and will be healthier overall after exercising in the sun and fresh air. When they are old enough, sign them up for a sport like football, basketball, or volleyball. Make sure that they also get quality playtime when at home. Playing with Legos, solving puzzles and building model kits stimulates brain development. Finally, dedicate some free time to reading. Read bedtime stories and funny books to them until they are old enough to read themselves. Hopefully, kids will fall in love with reading and create a habit that will later shape their lives by getting them higher education.

    Build Healthy Relationships

    As you bond by playing together, it’s also important to talk about important things in life. Explain to them how to recognise good or bad behaviour, and why it’s important to get along with peers and grownups. Valuable lessons about friendships, sharing, and other social dynamics don’t come naturally, they have to be learned. Teach them nice manners and how to be polite. Ideally, you have already implemented the lessons you preach in your own life. That way you can lead with your example, as parents are the most influential people in a child’s life.

    Reflect on your parenting methods and try to implement every piece of advice listed in this article. Once your child becomes a grown-up person that lives a fulfilling and healthy life, you will know you succeeded as a parent.

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