How to Dress Your Newborn in the summer

    Summer’s coming up and with it high temperatures and heat. For your newborn baby, you will need to prepare adequate clothes that will let the baby’s skin breathe and cool down during hot summer days. Here are a few tips on how you can dress your baby for summer.

    Choose lightweight fabrics

    During hot summer days, it’s important what kind of fabrics and materials you choose for your baby’s clothes. The best option is to go for a breathable and lightweight fabric that won’t irritate the baby’s skin when it’s extremely hot outside. Cotton is one of the best options for baby clothes. It is very soft against the baby’s sensitive skin and the fabric helps the baby’s skin stay cool on hot summer days.

    Remove layers as needed

    Once the temperature goes above 24 degrees Celsius, a single layer of clothes should be enough to cover your little one and keep them feeling comfortable. For example, cute onesies are great for babies during the summer. They are lightweight and you can easily add layers of clothes if it gets cold later in the evening.

    Consider sun protection

    Too much sun exposure is not good for anyone, but it’s especially bad for babies. They have extremely sensitive skin and being exposed to direct sunlight can cause irritation to their skin. That is why it’s important to protect their skin from the sun. Firstly, you need to make sure that their skin is properly covered with clothes. When you go out to the beach, or to walk in the park (just generally anywhere where you intend to spend a lot of time outdoors), make sure to put a hat on your baby’s head.  You can use a netted baseball cap or a lightweight sunhat that pairs up cutely with a onesie.

    Also, make sure to find a high-quality SPF cream to cover your baby’s skin where it is exposed to the sun. Sun damage to the skin is serious and the baby’s skin needs to be properly protected. Just make sure you get a lightweight sunscreen that is not irritating and too oily for their skin.

    Dress the baby appropriately for a swim

    Speaking of sunlight and sun damage, your baby also needs appropriate clothing when you go swimming in the pool. You can easily find baby swimwear made from UPF fabric. This swimwear is able to block 98% of the sun’s harmful and damaging rays and it will keep your baby’s skin protected and healthy.

    Here are a few fun ideas for baby outfits you can get for your little one:

    White cotton onesie

    The white cotton onesie is never a miss. This is such a classic universal clothing piece that will look cute and absolutely adorable on all babies. They are also very practical and versatile because they can easily be worn alone or you can add layers however you want. When purchasing clothes just make sure you are investing in high-quality newborn baby clothes that have lightweight material that will be soft on your baby’s skin.


    If you want to go for a two-piece outfit instead, you can pair a cute t-shirt with lightweight cotton or knit short shorts, pants, or even a skirt. They will complete the outfit nicely and they will leave room for the baby’s legs to be free and exposed. This allows them to move freely and it will keep them cool during hot summer days.


    You can also dress your little one in a cute sundress made from lightweight cotton material. This flowy material will keep your baby cool when it’s extremely hot outside. The bonus point is that a lot of these baby dresses have a built-in matching pair of bloomers so they will cover the baby’s diaper.

    Indoor clothing

    If you are going somewhere indoors, like visiting a friend’s house, you have to think about the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor areas. Most people keep their houses cool with the AC system during hot summer days. So, though your baby may be too hot outside with multiple layers, you have to bring a lightweight sweater for the cooler indoor temperatures. You can use a lightweight sweater or a jumpsuit.

    Bedtime clothes

    Lastly, your baby needs bedtime clothes or pyjamas. No matter what kind of weather it is outside during the day, you need to pick the bedtime clothes based on the indoor temperature of your home at night. So, if your home is a bit colder, dress your baby up with some long-sleeved shirts and pants or use a long-sleeved onesie. Just make sure the clothes are made out of soft and sensitive materials.


    In conclusion, dressing your baby for the summer means that you need to think about their soft skin and protect it from heat and sun exposure. These ideas and tips will help you dress your baby like the cutie they are while also protecting them from the sun.

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