What to Consider When Designing a Custom Built Kitchen

    Your kitchen is important because it’s where you spend a lot of your time. This room helps you create the delicious dishes your family loves and make meals that you want to share every night of the week and on special occasions. Thanks to custom builders, you can now create a kitchen that has features that work for you and things you don’t have in your current kitchen. Though you might feel tempted to incorporate dozens of trends, take a look at the useful things to consider when designing your custom-built kitchen.

    Make the Microwave Functional

    Whether you only use your microwave for heating leftovers and coffee or you use it for cooking a few times a week, make it more functional in your new kitchen. Not only do you want to look at where to place it, but you should also look at the right height for it. You usually want the microwave to sit in a space that is easy to reach and does not require you to stretch or bend over to use it. Adding storage around the microwave for popcorn and other supplies is also helpful.

    Choose the Right Cabinets

    With so many options for kitchen cabinets, you may not know which to choose from as you meet with home builders in North Carolina. Start with the look and style of your kitchen. Traditional Shaker cabinets are perfect for some, but you may prefer modern cabinets with brushed hardware. The cabinets should be a comfortable height for you and any other adults in your family. Look for ways to get more out of your cabinets such as taller ones for brooms and cleaning supplies and thinner ones for your baking sheets.

    Pick Good Lighting

    Recessed lighting is quite popular in kitchens because it sits tucked into the ceiling. You can turn on all of the lights or use just one. Track lighting is another good option that consists of individual light fixtures placed along a central track that runs through the kitchen. If you want an elegant look, consider pendant lights that adjust to the height you want. You can also add built-in lighting around your prep area.

    Add Room Around Appliances

    There is nothing worse than trying to get dinner on the table and running into your family or bumping into your cabinets. That is why you should add extra room around all of your appliances. Make sure that you have enough space to take hot pans out of the oven without hitting anything. You can easily add cabinets that sit between your stove and refrigerator along with storage around other appliances.

    Look for Modern Options

    Modern problems require modern solutions, which is why so many people add charging stations to their custom kitchens. You can tuck one into your island or a drawer and run lines that help you charge any device while you cook. A separate area for your tablet lets you keep track of an online recipe and charge your tablet at the same time.

    There are also some smart features you can incorporate into your kitchen such as lights that automatically turn on when you enter the room and outlets that you can control with an app. These outlets make it easy to use a slow cooker or another small appliance when you’re not home.

    Create a Storage Center

    Making your custom kitchen work for you is as easy as adding a storage center that doubles as a message station. You might add one right next to the door leading into the room or next to the refrigerator. It should include a whiteboard or chalkboard with chalk and markers that let your family write notes to each other. Adding a calendar helps you keep track of important appointments and other needed information. If your kitchen has a door leading outside, consider adding space to put your mail too.

    When you buy and live in an older home, you will likely find that your kitchen functions but not in the ways you wanted. Custom builders help you design an amazing kitchen that works for you and has everything you need. Some of the things to consider when designing a custom-built kitchen include the right cabinets and lighting for the room along with modern solutions to the problems you face.        

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