10 home decoration ideas for renters to personalize their rented space

“Want to decorate your rented space but don’t know the landlord-friendly ideas to do it your ways? Let’s find these helpful tips to get help decorating a rented space.”

Hey renters, we’ve heard your cries! Being a tenant, you’re untouched with loads of small things. Even though you’re living in a home but you can’t do much with it. This is what many people believe that they can’t tweak their rented space since landlords can raise issues over this. But you will be glad to know that there are various ways you can decorate your rented property to make it look more inviting.

1. Use temporary wallpapers

10 home decoration ideas for renters to personalize their rented space 3

Hide that boring wall paint of your rented home with high quality temporary wallpapers that look naturally great. They are easy to use and easy to remove. There are endless choices of graphics prints, waves and HD wallpaper.

2. Bring in the smart tiles

Also called as the temporary tiles, these tiles will beautifully replace the ugly shades over the walls or even your personal spaces in study room or bed room. You just need to peel them and paste them on the desired area. They give you a quick designer look and could be used in your bathroom and even kitchen.

3. Colourful Floor Carpets

Not happy with the ugly and outdated floor tiles of your rented home? Don’t worry, you can cover up the nasty tiles with some colourful floor carpets that look genuinely great and could easily be washed, vacuumed and removed once needed.

4. Hanging Mirrors

In small spaces, mirrors work wonderfully well to adorn the surroundings. As they reflect the light, it makes the room look larger and spacious. Alternatively, they add a second window to your rented space. And once you completed the lease, take them with you. They could be used in your next home.

5. Use decorative wall decals

black and white living room

Decorative wall decals can quickly boost the beauty of your ugly boring walls. They are capable to make an everlasting statement without any certain commitment. Make sure you choose the right fabrics and brogue pieces, choose a particular pattern that better defines your style statement.

6. Paint the old furniture

If you have a personal set of chairs or other wooden stuffs at rented home. Never look back in painting them to match the existing color or theme of the home. Don’t worry; you can change it later with another shade. You can also do it on the rental furniture packages with the landlord’s permission.

7. Decorate with colourful pillows

sofa with pillows

Pillows can drastically enhance the look of your small room. Bring in the colourful pillows and decorate the sofas and other sitting spaces with it. It will surely act as central attraction point.

8. Buy bookshelves

A rented room, especially owned by the students always look cluttered and ugly too. Since there are lots of books lying at the random places, it requires bookshelves that could stock them up separately.

9. Decorate with colourful ornamental tape

Decorative tapes are easy to remove and make a versatile option to décor the spaces. You can use them on walls, mirrors, furniture, chair rails, for wainscoting and other purposes.

10. Curtains

blue empty room

Last but not the least, attractive drapes leave a remarkable impact on the overall décor. Renters can easily carry them while moving to a new place. So, there’s no wastage, it’s yours.