DIY Home Improvement on a Budget

    Your home is your haven, your kingdom, your solace; therefore, it is only right that you look after it the best that you can.

    If you are on a budget that limits your options to home improvement; unless you get coupons from websites like PennySaviour, you cannot go for the complete remodeling of your house. On the other hand, if you are a DIY-er, you have unlimited directions to revamp your humble abode.

    Some of these home improvements that you can make even on limited funds are listed below:

    Breathe Life into Your Walls

    Over time you see molds on your walls, chipped paint on the corners, and many other things that make your house appear dull and repulsive to the observing eye. Therefore, every once-in-a-while brushing a new layer of paint is essential; you’ll be surprised to see the effect it can have.

    Whether you want to stick with the old color or desire a bit of change, then grab a tin of paint and start coating your walls. You could even try adding a few patterns using different tools to paint like a cloth or sponge; the overall effect to your walls is sure to leave you speechless.

    You could also add a few trimmings and crown moldings for a finishing touch. It will add a classy, chic look to your house, and raise its value, should you consider putting it on the market.

    Romans had a Unique Look on Life

    To make sure your walls and windows are complimenting each other, you need to make your windows a part of your home improvement as well.

    You could add shades for privacy from prying eyes as well as protection from the invading sunlight. Though, wooden shutters are more likely to give your home a classy feel.

    On the other hand, you could go with an entirely Do-It-Yourself route and make custom Roman shades to hang over your windows; the upholstery fabric hung halfway on your windows is sure to be a step up for your entire décor.

    Upgrade Your Front Entrance

    Your front door is the first thing that greets people when they arrive at your doorstep. So, if the entrance is lacking appeal, it makes for a wrong first impression.

    There are multiple selections to choose from if you’re going to redecorate your entryway. You could get vintage lighting to brighten up the place; add address numbers or home plates with unique, uplifting designs; even a letterbox would be a nice touch to make a lasting impression on your guests.

    Don’t Forget the Kitchen

    Kitchen decor

    When you are at home, with family, the kitchen is the second room where you spend most of your time, right after the living room. So, if it looks as good as the rest of the house, you might not mind doing the cooking yourself.

    If the doors and hinges of your kitchen cabinets are still in perfect condition, then you can slap on some new paint, and you’ll see an instant change in the feel of the room. A brighter color would give your kitchen a homier feel and make it livelier; whereas the use of sandpaper will help you iron out any rough edges and give it a finishing touch.

    You could also polish the floor of your kitchen to give it a classy look. Whether you have wooden flooring or tiles, the continuous exposure to dirt and dust is bound to suck out its shine. Thus, polish your floor to restore its original luster.

    Clear the Clutter

    Regardless of how much you spruce up your walls, floors, windows, and décor, it’ll all be for naught if there is a pile of clutter accumulating around your front door or inside your closet.

    To ensure there is no mess you can install hooks behind the front entrance and hang your keys or umbrellas, coats, anything you might need when you are leaving the house. A combination of hooks, closets, cubbies, and so on, will help you keep the entryway organized and make it look spacious.

    As for your closet, no one likes to see a clean room and a disorganized cupboard. Thus, there are many storage bins and organization systems available in the store that you can utilize. However, instead of just running off to get the first thing you see, measure your wardrobe and take inventory of what you have so that you get only what you need and what can fit inside the limited space.

    La Fin

    There are a million more ways that you can improve your house well under a budget. You don’t need a fortune to get your house an upgrade, follow these tips and you’ll have a home that suits your tastes and personality.

    Haziqa Ishtiaq
    Haziqa Ishtiaq
    Haziqa Ishtiaq is a blogger and content specialist for PennySaviour. She has written blogs on many diverse topics including travel, business, tech, fashion, etc. She has a passion for literary masterpieces in the world as well as a curiosity to discover more about human nature. She loves to travel, listen to music, and may even take up sketching now and again.

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