Wedding gifts to break away from traditional norms

    [su_quote cite=”Francis of Assisi”]“For it is in giving that we receive.” [/su_quote]

    Wedding gifts serve as an important token of love for the celebrating brides and grooms of your life. They reflect the thought you have put in while choosing and also are an indication of how happy you are acknowledging their new union.

    The hard part is when you start deciding on the gift. The options available are sure to leave anyone confused. If you see the conventional trend, the couple often ends up having a pile of photo frames and a corner full of roses. So, this wedding season, try and break away from traditional norms to gift your favourite couple something they will appreciate and cherish for life. Whether you buy eco-friendly wedding gifts or something totally off-the-record, make sure your choices are anything but boring.

    For the Cosy Tea Sessions

    No one minds a kitchen upgrade, and weddings serve as the perfect excuse to add something to the couple’s kitchen. Through your gift, help the couple graduate from the hand-me-down cups and pots their mom gave when they first moved out. A finely crafted set of pot and cups will serve as the perfect addition to their collection while making those cosy tea sessions even more enjoyable.

    Colombo Tea Pot Teacup Set from Nicobar
    Colombo Tea Pot Teacup Set from Nicobar

    Classic Barware

    Guests are bound to pour in a few weeks after the wedding. Adding to the bar collection is one of the best gifts you can gift the couple to make their post-wedding parties idyllic. A fully stocked bar cart will always remind them of you while your gift will come handy in all small and big get-togethers. You can even take a step ahead and gift the couple a case of wine with milestone tags that will tell them when to open a bottle. From eco-friendly stirrers to other bar essentials, think of everything when building a classic barware hamper.

    Classic Barware

    Keep the Bling Away

    Indian weddings are a ball of bling. If it’s your bestie getting married, she already has a bag full of blingy outfits. Gift her something that will make her feel comfortable while giving a break from all the heavy outfits. There are a plethora of eco-friendly wedding gifts to choose from. Whether you wish to buy a saree or a kurta made using 100% organic cotton or a set of all-natural candles, choose something simple yet strikingly attractive.

    100% Organic Cotton Tisya Plain White Kurta
    100% Organic Cotton Tisya Plain White Kurta

    Organic Bamboo Bedding Set

    For the eco-conscious couples who believe in making mindful choices, there is nothing better than a bag full of eco-friendly wedding gifts. After the hectic rituals, the only thing that the couple craves for is a comfortable sleep. Organic bamboo bedding sets thermo-regulate the body temperature effectively, have excellent moisture wicking properties and most importantly are great for mother nature. A thoughtful gift like this one will make the couple more than happy while giving you a chance to break away from traditional gifting norms.

    Wedding gifts to break away from traditional norms 4

    Classy Dinner Essentials

    When looking for wedding gifts, dinner essentials are the first thing to pop up in anyone’s mind. The deal here is to look for things that catch the eyes of the couple while lending an air of off-beat sophistication. Lifestyle brands like Nicobar have a wide and dedicated range of gift options that are best suited for newlyweds. From broth bowls to cast iron Kadais and teapot with teacup sets, the choices are endless and impressively striking.

    Diamantina Sorbet Cup & Spoon (Set of 4)
    Diamantina Sorbet Cup & Spoon (Set of 4)

    Break Away from Traditional Norms

    Gifting is an art, and when you put your thoughts in a gift, it becomes all-the-more special. Keep the choices and personality of the couple in mind while choosing a wedding gift. For those with an ecological bent, look for eco-friendly wedding gifts while for others think where their interest lies and pick something suitable.

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