5 Situations When You Need the Deck Replacement Urgently!

    Many homeowners have the tendency to delay the repair and renovation work of their decks. No matter how beautiful the wooden decks look, if it has served you for a very long time, you need to start looking for wear and tear. When you are the one who loves outdoor events and spending time with your loved ones, you should be on a constant lookout; however, sometimes, the warning signs are not evident for you to take a call on deck replacement.

    Here are some signs that will help you know that it is about time for deck replacement:

    Sagged Wood

    The sagging of wood or unevenness in any deck or even piece of furniture is a sign of structural damage. It can be extremely risky to access such areas. Hence, you will have to take serious action against it at the earliest. Using the wooden deck that has a sagging wood is like compromising with the safety of all the people who visit it. However, it might not be easier for ordinary people to distinguish between actual sagging and relatively lesser damage. Hence, you can call in professionals to look at it. If the expert suggests deck replacement, you should go for it.

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    Warped or Chipped

    You might have come across ample warped or chipped wooden planks on your deck. While it might not be the cause of worry, you need to get them fixed at the earliest. If they keep showing up, then you need to take a closer look at it. Go for sanding and staining. But if even these measures do not help you, then you will have to replace the patch of the deck or get the entire section renovated. A split or crack similarly calls for replacement as there is no going back to such decks. However, the best part is you can replace the section instead of the whole.

    Deck Replacement

    Rotten Wood

    One of the signs that are easier to make out is the wood rotting on the deck. You can easily spot the rotting wood. The moment you spot a damp wood, you can check if it is a spill or damage. You cannot possibly do much about it like you can for the slightly warped or chipped section.

    Nails and Screws Coming Out

    Another sign of collapsing deck is when the planks, nails, and screws start coming out. The moment you notice it, try fixing it. However, if they still manage to pop out, you need to look out for the deck replacement. Falling out of the nails is a sign that the wood is no longer stronger to hold them. This also means that the structure is going weak and you need to stop accessing it any further.


    It is not just the weather that makes the wood to fade. It is possible that wood is losing its strength and capacity to function any further. In such cases, painting is clearly not the option. You will have to hire the experts to test the durability of the wood. Only the experts would be able to comment on the condition and suggest if the deck is safe to use or not.

    It is essential that one gets an expert advice at least once for deck replacement. This will give you a clear perspective about the process as you should not worry unnecessarily and end up investing in something as major as a replacement.

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