7 Helpful tips to deal with common home problems

    Home maintenance needs a lot of efforts but it is imperative to keep all the elements in your house in proper condition. If you are looking for different ways to improve your house then this guide is for you.

    The tips and tricks shared in this article will definitely help you in your home maintenance. Here, you will find the simple hacks to upkeep your house structurally and visually and all these will not cost you a huge sum of money. The following tips are simple and affordable as well.

    1. Inspect sump pump to avoid Water Overflow

    Sump pumps are usually located in basements, and these form the last layer of protection to prevent the basement from flooding. It is important to inspect your sump pump on a regular basis because water flooding may destroy your foundation. Therefore, you must test it two times in a year.  But how to check the sump pump? First of all, remove debris from the outside pipe and turn on the switch of your pump to inspect it in running condition. Now, pour some water into the sump crock to make sure that it pumps the water away. If you want to have an extra layer of protection then purchase an automatic leak detector.

    2. Clean your window wells

    The window well forms the path for the entrance of the natural light into your basement and also it provides ventilation. Moreover, they also help in preventing the window fixture from the soil. But, do you know that they can put your basement into high risk if they are not properly maintained.

    Fallen leaves and debris can block the drainage pipe, and rainfall can create a worse situation as water will exert pressure the window and may highly damage it. There you should prevent the window wells from any blockage. You can also take help from rubbish removal professional to remove all the accumulated dust and debris.

    3. Mice nests near wiring Can Be Dangerous

    Living with mice is not at all good for you and your family! If they form their nest near the places like A/C units, garden tools, and machines, and near to the electrical wires then it can be highly dangerous. Therefore, check for mice nests and prevent your house from electrical faults and fires.

    4. Clean your dryer vents

    After each use of dryer, a little bit of lint is added to the vent. This directly implies that your dryer will become less efficient and will not provide the required cooling effect. Therefore, it takes longer time to dry your clothes. Moreover, this added lint can also turn your dryer into a fire hazard. Therefore, it is important to maintain your dryer, remove the vent, vacuum the area and clean it thoroughly. Or, you can also use a cleaning kit that will make your cleaning process easier and efficient.

    5. Fight Against termites

    Do you know that termites can’t survive sunlight? Therefore, they are present in those areas where light is not available in abundance like a basement. Step down through stairs and spray the termite killing solution over the gaps where it is a high probability of their occurrence. Also, carry a flashlight with you to inspect all the elements and check the signs of damage. You can poke the wood with a screwdriver and inspect its weaknesses. If the wood is not in proper condition and it is rotting then call the professionals who can help you in solving this problem.

    6. Inspect the batteries in smoke detectors

    At least two times in a year, you must inspect the batteries of the smoke detectors Twice a year, change the batteries in each detector. To ensure your safety, replace the battery if you find your smoke or carbon dioxide detector is not working.

    You should not be dependent on automatic beeping alarm to replace your batteries. Also, make sure that whenever you replace the battery then hold the test button down for a few seconds after replacement to ensure that the battery is faulty or not.

    7. Check your fire extinguisher

    Here, checking implies that whether it accessible or not, the safety seals are in good condition or not, the pressure gauge should be within normal parameters and there should be no signs of damage. While inspection if you find any problem then immediately replace your fire extinguisher with the new one.

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