The Miracle of Nature

To be one with the nature, is to be at peace and calm

I sit on a bench, in front of the huge cherry blossom tree and watch its leaves fall gently all over the grass. There is a beautiful sunshine and I can hear the birds singing, chirping, and calling out to each other. The air carries a subtle fragrance and few white clouds move about in the sky, shining in the rays of sun. I sit like this, observing the nature, for what appears to be close to 10 minutes and all the chattering in my mind fades away to be replaced by calmness. I feel I will slip into meditation if I close my eyes or am I meditating with open eyes?! 🙂 This is the power of nature. Nature has the power to calm down our mind, to soothe our nerves and to make us feel alive again! Nature has the power to effortlessly awe us and it fills our mind with wonder at the magnanimity and miracle of this creation.

Creator has provided us with bountiful reserves of nature but we need an eye to observe, appreciate and cherish it. When was the last time you stood still and listened to the chirping of birds or walked barefoot on grass, wet with morning dew? When was the last time you watched a sunset, or sat beneath a tree or for that matter looked at the sky full of stars or observed the clouds moving about? If some of us can’t remember when they last did any of this, they are really losing something priceless in life! For those who attribute it to the lack of time, I would politely suggest that in the end, it is all about preferences. No matter how busy we are, do we spend a single day without gadgets or social networking sites? If we can steal a few moments here and there for all that, why not for observing and admiring the nature?

It has been observed that the stress levels of a person who is close to nature are much lower than who is not! So let us decide to make nature our friend and spend at least 15 minutes every day with nature. If we can make this small change in our daily routine, we would be surprised at the big difference it makes in our lives. Let nature’s peace and freshness dawn onto us and then who knows, one day we may also quote something like John Muir did years ago…

I only went for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going IN 🙂