If you are a nail biter, then this is for you

Don’t worry! You’re not the only one who bites nails. Whether out of boredom, anxiety, or just habitual, there are several others like you. And it’s not just the nails that people bite, but some may even chew the dead skin off their cuticles.

Nevertheless, it is a bad habit for reasons more than one. First of all it makes your gnawed nails look hideous. Second, they open the gateway to a whole lot of infections. And, of course people around you would find this ugly practice disturbing and disgusting. Think about your partner, or your employer? What impression you’re going to pass on them?

Now the real question is how to stop yourself from biting nails. Let us take a look at a few things that you can do to get rid of this habit.

    1. Be determined: There is no exception to that. If you don’t have a strong will committed to quitting, no tricks would help.
    2. Decide a Quitting day: It’s always good to plan out things beforehand. Circle the date in your calendar and keep reminding yourself about it, so that you’re mentally prepared before the final day.
    3. Inform others and call for help: Inform your friends and family to help out. Tell them about the quitting date, and ask them to remind you frequently, especially if they find you going back on your commitment. Also being constant praising by them when you succeed can help a great deal in keep it going.
    4. Get a manicure: It pays to get an expensive manicure. First, your heart would ache to ruin an expensive Nail Paintmanicure. Second the longer you can maintain it the more triumphant you’d feel, hence more additional encouragement.
    5. Keep reminding yourself: Early on in your venture you might be tempted over and over again to show your nails the path to your teeth. But you have to make sure to remind yourself constantly that you’re have already quit it. Once you get the hang of it, it will come naturally.
    6. Prepare a list: It’d be an additional motivation by writing down all the benefits on not biting nails and all the demerits of biting. Make sure you don’t get lenient while making the list. The harsher you get to this ugly habit the more you’d be motivated against it. For example, rather than writing, “chewed nails don’t appear good,” you should write, “Chewed nails are HORRENDOUS and it makes other people think I am GROSS.” The more merits you could think off, the better. For example, “I’d be able to show off my experiments with the nail paint and my ring.”

  1. Reward yourself: It’s good to reward yourself with things you love after a span of successful time period. Best would be to get yourself something related to nails, if not, any other incentive would do just as great or even better. Decide the reward beforehand so that the desire to achieve would keep you motivated.
  2. Olay Moisturizing Skin CreamFrequent use of moisturizer and emery board: You can keep a moisturizing cream/lotion along with an emery board with you all the time. Frequently use the cream throughout the day (at least on the fingers) and your skin would remain soft and free from torn cuticles. Also, use the emery board if you find an uneven spot. This practice would give you two reasons less to bite nails—one, to gnaw at the torn cuticles, other to chew off the uneven spots.Nail Biting Help Break
  3. Apply things with nasty taste on your nails: Well, if nothing seems to work, your final weapon would be to coat your nails with things that taste nasty. You can either pick something from your kitchen, or buy such products from a drug store [Buy Nail Biting Help Break here].

At last, if you see someone else biting nails make sure you encourage them to quit too. Share your experience with them, and tell them how you did it. And don’t forget to share this article.