How stress could degrade your sexual health – ways to cope up from it

    If you are feeling excessively stressful, then you are surely not alone as stress affects millions of people around the world. Around 48% of adults in the United States feel that their stress levels are constantly increasing, with 33% experiencing severe levels of stress according to reports. Almost 50% of the population experience sleepless nights, brought on by stress, and 76% of those who are experiencing stress report money to be the primary cause of stress in their lives. Other factors that also contribute to stress in most people include pressure from their career, their health and problems in their relationship. Sleep deprivation has also been reported as one of the most significant contributors to high stress levels among the general population.

    While many people tend to consider stress as a condition that is limited to their mental health, the condition can also cause havoc on a person’s physical wellbeing and lead to the development of many problems with their physiological health. Sexual health is one particular area that people often find troublesome when they experience too much stress. While implementing strategies to enhance your sex drive might help to restore some of your vigor in the bedroom, targeting the source of the problem is usually the better solution. In this article, we are going to look at how stress can affect your sexual health, and what you can do about it.

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    How Stress Affects the Body

    Before we look at how stress affects the body and how it can ruin a person’s sexual health, we should mention that not all forms of stress will cause havoc on your physical health. Short-term stress, which may be caused by a fear of speaking in front of people or the stress before an exam, usually does not cause any harmful effects to the body. Chronic stress, or long-term stress, on the other hand, gradually builds up and damages the body in numerous ways in the long run.

    Stress affects your body from head to toe. This might seem somewhat strange, but let’s explore this by looking at the different parts of the body that gets affected adversely by chronic stress. Chronic stress causes headaches to develop and increases symptoms of depression. It also increases your chances of lying awake at night; thus, leading to insomnia. Furthermore, chronic stress may lead to the development of high blood sugar and high blood pressure, heart burn and stomach pain.

    Long term stress has also been linked to a significant increase in the risk of developing heart disease and suffering a heart attack. As time goes by, chronic stress also weakens the immune system; thus, affecting the body’s ability to fight against infections, as well as diseases like cancer. Chronic stress also leads to tense muscles, which can affect muscles throughout the entire body. It is also known that stress leads to sexual problems in men and women.

    How Stress Affects Your Sexual Health

    While stress causes an increased risk of developing certain diseases and wreaks havoc on your mental health, another important area to focus on when determining the effects that stress has on the body is sexual health. Chronic stress can lead to numerous adverse reactions in a person’s sex life. It is important to note that men and women are affected differently when it comes to their sexual health.

    In men, stress often causes problems with the man’s erectile function, which may lead to the development of symptoms that are associated with erectile dysfunction. This may include the inability to get erect, event through sexual stimulation. In some cases, the man may get an erection when stimulated sexually, but the erection may not last long or it may be too limb for sexual intercourse.

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    Depressed Girl

    In women, stress may cause problems with the woman’s menstrual cycles. Quite a large number of women have experienced a missed periods or irregularities with their normal menstrual cycles when they are under excessive stress. A high level of stress can also lead to the development of amenorrhea, a temporary health condition that causes menstrual periods to stop.

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    There are some ways that stress affects the sexual health among both men and women in a similar way. This includes the adverse effects that stress causes on fertility, which might make it difficult for a man or woman to conceive successfully. A reduced sex drive is another consequence of stress that both men and women may experience when they are under a lot of stress.

    Coping With Your Stress To Improve Your Sexual Health

    There are many ways to overcome the effects that stress has on sexual health. For one, some men tend to explore the world of male enhancement vitamins. Medication can also be used to improve sexual function, such as Viagra, which improves erectile function in men. This, however, is often not the best solution as these solutions do not attend to the source of the problems – which is stress. Learning how to cope with your stress can help to improve your sexual health and restore your abilities in the bedroom. If possible, you should also try to avoid some of the triggers that causes stress in your life, which will naturally decrease your levels of stress without any treatments.

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    Final Verdict

    There is definitely a strong link between chronic stress and reduced sexual function, yet many people tend to overlook stress as a contributing factor to their poor sexual health when they want to address the problems they are experiencing in the bedroom.

    Brian Adam
    Brian Adam
    Brian Adam is a Health Writer, Researcher, and Advisor, working for Performance Insiders, believing that the Combination of Exercise, a Healthy Diet, and a Positive Mindset is the best way to achieve one's Full Potential.

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