Iconic Places to Visit in West Virginia – Infographic

    One of West Virginia’s leading industries is tourism since there are multiple tourist attractions a traveler can enjoy in such a historic place. West Virginia’s various tourist spots have different histories and adventures that make the experience worthwhile.

    West Virginia has grand mountain retreats, historic towns, beautiful caves, and other great tourist spots to behold. West Virginia’s iconic places include the Seneca Caves, the New River Gorge Bridge, the Harpers Ferry, and the capital city of Charleston.

    Seneca Caverns

    The Seneca Caverns were once used by the Seneca people primarily for shelter, storage, and ceremonies while others also used it as a trading route thanks to its strategic location. The Seneca Caverns are found in the Indian trading route that leads to the Appalachian Mountains.

    The long history and beautiful sights of the Seneca Caverns give unique and exciting experiences to tourists. The tourist attractions range from the breathtaking rock formations in the caves and the gemstones they can mine as souvenirs.

    New River Gorge Bridge

    The New River Gorge Bridge changed what was once the standard 40-minute drive down the narrow mountains and one of North America’s oldest rivers to one that lasts only one minute. The New River Gorge Bridge also became one of the most photographed landscapes in West Virginia as the picturesque views feature both the Appalachian Mountains and the river.

    Daredevils can also try New River Gorge Bridge’s BASE (Building and Antenna, Span, and Earth) Jumping held on Bridge Day every third Saturday of October.

    Tourists can experience a lot in West Virginia, including the historic town of Harpers Ferry and the capital city of Charleston. Tourists can enjoy their trip more with quality t-shirts from Geotees that are different from your ordinary, run-of-the-mill tees. Check out this infographic by Geotees for more information on West Virginia’s famous tourist spots as well as quality tees.

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