What facials can and cannot do for your skin?

    There are a lot of things which the facial can and effectively do for your skin. Usually, the acne treatment facial on the salon menu looks very tempting. But, it needs to be analyzed whether this particular treatment is worth opting or not. The answer to this particular question depends on your skin and also the results which you are looking for.

    What To Expect?

    What you really want to know is that do the acne facials really work or not. There is no such straight answer to this question. It is because the results which you get from the facial treatments depend on a variety of factors.

    For example, if you planned to opt for facial, you should understand the fact that you would not get amazing results or clear skin with just one treatment.

    Also, it takes some time to get results from the facial treatment with any acne treatment medications and also procedures. You will preferably have to commit to a series of acne facials in order to get the best results.

    Facial treatments are mainly scheduled once every other week or once a week. But, you can rely alone on the facials for the purpose of getting clear skin. So, you will need to be consistent with your acne treatment and also skin care routine at home during your off days to keep the benefits going.

    So, in the improvement, the skill of the esthetician who is involved in performing your treatment plays a very important role. You will get the best results from a therapist in case your goal is to improve blemishes. The therapist should specialize in treating problem-related to the skin. You should not afraid asking the esthetician about her experience with treating acne.

    Appropriate Uses

    Mild inflammatory acne which is again characterized by a localized area of swelling and redness can be treated in a successful manner by acne facial. Acne facial may be the right choice for you if you have a few pimples or only break out occasionally.

    For people with comedonal acne, acne facials are considered to be the best. So, this particular type is mainly characterized by whiteheads and blackheads. Facials help in the improvement of the skin appearance if you have comedones or other non-inflammatory blemishes.

    So, the esthetician will choose the manual blockages of the pores and comedones during a facial treatment in a process known as comedonal extractions. Although during your first visit, you would not be able to remove the pesky blackhead and whitehead and so, for the immediate improvement in the look and feel of your skin, enough should be done.

    Although, the extractions are able to remove the existing non-inflammatory breakouts and they do not stop them from forming in the first place. So, one should keep up with the daily facial treatments for acne scars in order to keep the breakouts from coming back.

    Important Considerations

    Acne can also easily treat in the salon setting. Also, this acne is much more than an aesthetic problem and so, it is an important dermatologic condition which often requires medical treatment that looks beyond the skin to the underlying cause.

    You can easily see a dermatologist as a rule in case you have moderate to severe acne which is defined as anything more than 15 to 50 inflamed bumps, 20 to 100 comedones, or 30 to 125 total lesions. Prescription medications may be needed for cases like these.

    So, it is cleared that you cannot enjoy or benefit from the regular facials. An esthetician can generally offer treatments which are complementary to a doctor’s care. Some of the dermatologists even employ estheticians for the purpose of performing facials right in their offices.

    It is very important to defer to the advice of a dermatologist in case you are unsure whether your acne is severe or moderate.

    How A Facial Is Performed?

    The esthetician during a facial usually begins by thorough cleansing of your skin. In this regard, steam baths, various masks and also facial massage may be incorporated into the treatment. To reduce surface oil, various products will be used by the esthetician.

    Along with that, these particular products also helps to remove dead skin cells, hydrate or soothe. Your esthetician will also recommend some products for at home usage such as moisturizers and cleansers which would not aggravate your acne.

    It is important to hold the extractions to a minimum if the skin is at all inflamed. Also, an esthetician should not attempt to extract deep inflamed blemishes like cysts and blemishes.

    In case you decide to make facials as an integral part of your skin care routine then, you should remember that you will get the best results if they are done in a regular manner. You should also be sure to tell your esthetician about the oral and topical medications which you are currently using for the purpose if avoiding unwanted reactions.


    So, it is evident from the above section, those acne facials are not a necessity to get the acne under control, although having of a facial done at the salon is considered to be very relaxing.

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