7 THUMB RULES that slim men MUST know about getting dressed

    The odds are that if you have arrived at this blog after a bit of search, you are utterly dissatisfied with your body structure.

    Being thin and tall is not always a boon. Often it is assumed that slim guys can wear whatever they want, however it’s not always true. The reality is that skinny men have their own obstacles in the wardrobe department with the clothes that fit and flatter just as much as any other person. Clothing for slim men require extreme care.

    While there are multiple options that a slim man can wear, following the few suggestions mentioned below can save them from making any sartorial errors that do his shape an injustice.

    Tips for appropriate clothing for slim men

    Prefer slim-fitting tailoring!

    You must be thinking that this will just accentuate your body frame, but if you are going for a formal event, slim fitted clothes are must-haves. Whatever you wear just make sure your shirt is not too baggy and your bottoms are not extra large. However, take care not to go for the clothes that fit your body. Don’t wear shirts that are labelled as super fit or ultra slim, especially in a fabric that is stretchy and clingy.

    Don’t go for super skinny jeans!

    You are skinny, but this doesn’t mean super skinny jeans are your wardrobe essentials. For slim body structure you don’t want super skinny or women’s jeans that highlights your smaller frame and lack of quads in a negative manner. Instead of them, you should go for straight fit. Dark shades in denim have a slimming effect, so keep this in mind and go for some lighter shades preferably with some classic wash. Sadly, relaxed fit clothes are not meant for you; this might give you a look that you are playing in your dad’s clothes.

    Do wear multiple layers!

    Multiple layers don’t mean chunk on three T-shirts, two jumpers and a coat to give yourself a wider look. With layers, I meant proper layering. You can try plain crew neck Tee underneath a slim fitting denim or printed shirt and carry a jacket over the top. For bottoms, you can try any slim fitting denim in lighter hues along with tennis shoes, and you are all good to go. Don’t go for anything extra in layering; this will only give you an impression that you can’t dress properly. Also, ensure that each layer is slim fitting otherwise you might end up looking like a man who has worn all the clothes from his wardrobe rather than being a stylish dude.

    Choose fabric that adds weight to your frame!

    A right fabric material can help you to add some visual bulk to your body. Texture fabrics in place of smooth ones can add more mass to your frame. Fabrics like Tweed, Flannel, Glen Check, Denim and Corduroy are advisable for thin men. However, anything that has a rough appearance on top can add more bodily mass than you actually do have.

    Along with textures, you should also check the thickness of your knitted cloth. Falls and winters are the seasons of chunky thick knits sweaters and jackets in your wardrobe for your casual wear.

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    Select colors that boost your visual appearance!

    Layering, thick knitted clothes are for the times when the temperature starts rising, but in summers you’ll rarely wear anything other than a Tee or a lightweight designer shirt for your casual settings. So in summers, your choice is limited to the choice of colors and fabrics only, but still, you can do plenty of things to make yourself a bit heftier.

    Lighter shades like white, beige and pastels can help you in summers to add weight, and darker colors slim you down. Lighter colors always have the opposite effect, and that’s why rooms with light shade walls seem to have more space than the rooms with darker shade walls. Light colors also have more benefits as they show your little muscle line through your clothing.

    Avoid vertical stripes!

    For a slim body frame, don’t go for vertical stripes as this will add more slimming effect instead choose horizontal stripes and bold prints in your casual clothing. Horizontal stripes make your chest look wider and shoulders broader. Checks and boxes are also useful to add visual heft to your body. The smaller these patterns are, the more it adds visual heft to your appearance.

    Go for a balanced look!

    Dressing your top half as your bottom will stop you from highlighting your skinny legs and narrow shoulders. Symmetry and a balanced look are all you need to manage. If you are wearing thick layers on the top, then you should equalize your bottoms as well with wool chinos, cuffed track pants and selvedge denim.

    And there you have it! After these tips, I think you are all ready to dress yourself no matter how slimmer frame you have. Having a slim body is not always a disadvantage, you got many options that other athletic bodies usually don’t have. And I hope these tips help you to keep yourself looking stylish and slender- you’re welcome!

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    Shreya Sharma
    Shreya Sharma
    Shreya is a blogger and travel freak. She holds a great interest for fashion and spends much of her time in exploring the giant fashion world. She is a food lover and working as a digital marketing manager at Divinity Mart.

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