6 Most Beautiful Espadrilles for Women [Infographic]

6 Most Beautiful Espadrilles for Women

Espadrilles are types of women’s foldable shoes that have become summer essentials. Espadrilles shoes are beautifully hand-crafted, incredibly comfortable and fully flexible. They offer a luxurious look to a woman with matching travel purse.

Top 6 beautiful & attractive espadrilles for women is listed below :-

1. Carnaby Grey with Parrot Applique

Carnaby grey with parrot applique shoes add a touch of colour to your outfit. These shoes are good for travel, work, everyday wear especially on summer time.

2. Carnaby grey with flamingo applique

You will look gorgeous after wearing this Carnaby grey with flamingo applique. Its pink colour increases its beauty. Flamingos have become the most fashionable birds.

3. Carnaby Navy with Tropical Applique

The Carnaby navy with tropical applique shoe is toe-tally tropcial & trendy. These shoes help you escape your everyday & also take you on an unforgettable trip.

4. Strand Sand Suede Espadrilles

Bring a touch of beach holiday chic to the big city with these strand sand suede espadrilles. A woman looks good with the shoe’s strand style in super soft suede leather.

5. Strand Navy Suede Shoes

A strand navy suede shoe is the best wear on beach holiday. These types of shoes are made of premium suede & individually hand-crafted.

6. Strand Gold Laser Cut

These strand gold lasers cut shoes are ultimate in style and comfort. If you are habitual of smart lifestyles, then these espadrilles are especially made for you. These are flexible, supple, comfortable & soft.

6 Most Beautiful Espadrilles for Women