Everything you need to know about Ballet Shoes [Infographic]

Ballet shoes are designed specifically for ballet dancing. These are lightweight shoes and come in different designs. It can be made with soft leather, satin or canvas. These shoes also have flexible thin soles. Ballet shoes should fit correctly for maximum flexibility. In 1682, when women began to dance ballet, standard ballet shoes had heels. Use of non-heeled ballet shoes started in mid-18th century. Heels were completely removed from ballet shoes after French revolution.

There are basically three types of ballet shoes – Split sole shoe, full sole shoe, pointe shoe.

Split sole shoes offer great range to ballerinas. These shoes interfere less with pointing and flexing the feet. New dancers prefer full sole shoes because of the comfort offered by these shoes. Even the experienced ballerinas prefer the added comfort offered by these shoes. Pointe shoes offer support to feet and ankles. These shoes are mainly preferred by experienced ballerinas. These shoes fit in the way that ballerinas can do all their moves on Pointe.

There are few things which should be considered before buying ballet shoes. You should always buy the shoes in correct size and also make sure that the shoes fit well. Don’t forget to ask about the material and if you are shopping online then you should check the product details first. Check the shoe sole and always select the brand which offers high quality ballet shoes.

Ballet shoes are available in different sizes, designs and colors. You can easily order one for yourself online from the comfort of your home. You can visit the stores like Cocorose London which offer best quality foldable ballet shoes and royal ballet shoes.

This Infographic revolves around the history and types of ballet shoes. Please go through the same and don’t forget to share the Infographic.

Everything you need to know about Ballet Shoes [Infographic]