10 Weight Loss Secrets For Women from Different Countries will Leave You Inspired

    Losing weight to fit your old pants or simply because you want to trim your waistline is never effortless. While losing weight comes with its own set of rules and regulations, on the other hand, when you don’t see the expected results, you can lose all hope and motivation.

    That is why when you decide to opt for a month long diet and enroll you at the gym, don’t settle in believing that it is enough. Every bit counts when losing a few pounds and trust us, you can keep it all off by choosing the smallest of lifestyle changes every day.

    Take a look below at the global guide to staying smart, incorporate the hacks in your routine and notice a difference from day 1.

    China: Soup and more soup

    We all know how Chinese people stay fit and fresh all year round. While we resort to drinking fresh juices, Chinese sip on soups. One of the famous weight loss soups is ‘witch soup’, which can actually help is losing weight just in a week.
    Cook your own by adding water in a skillet. Add cabbage, tomatoes, celery, onions, parsley and green peppers. Let it boil, add seasoning and voila!

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    Japan: Rainbow Plates

    Japanese believe in eating everything and they say that brighter the plate, full of colorful food, the healthier the diet. They love filling their plates with yellows (pepper), reds (tomatoes, apples, strawberries), greens (cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, etc) and of course whites (chicken). If you too want to become slim, simply make your meals colorful for a balanced diet.

    Thailand: Zing it!

    Thailand is known for its spicy cuisines but did you ever think why? The people of Thailand believe in staying healthy and smart by resorting to spicy foods since spices boost the metabolic rate. Spices such as chili flakes, red chilies, jalapenos, green pepper, green chilies, etc are perfect for boosting the metabolism.

    England: Stop Supersizing the Meals

    We all love snacking but eating out becomes a necessity when you work for crazy hours. Of course, home cooked meals can only be enjoyed on the weekends. For this reason, when you think you have to settle for burgers and pizzas, don’t fret and simply control your portions. Firstly, order regular sized meals instead of up-sized meals and secondly, eat half of it at one meal and save the other half for later.

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    France: Use Fork for all foods!

    Do you want to lose weight quickly? Start using a fork. Well, this trick might seem silly in the beginning but guess what?  You cannot enjoy spreads such as peanut butter, nutella, chicken and cheese, etc. Moreover, eating sandwiches, burgers and other tasty treats will be off limits. You will be bound to lose weight!

    Pakistan: Fasting

    Fasting is one of the main pillars of Islam and guesses what? Fasting helps people lose weight and by restricting oneself to eating and drinking nothing, the appetite suppresses too. If you cannot fast like Pakistanis do, simply fast for two to three days in a row and notice a cleansing difference!

    Poland: Home cooked meals

    If you want to lose a few pounds while saving the hard earned money, do what the Polish do. Eat in! By eating home cooked meals, you are not only eating healthier foods but are also saving money. Moreover, the processed foods such as burger patties, pizza toppings, etc are full of fats, bad cholesterol, etc.

    Germany: Breakfast is important

    Whether you take the tip from Germans or not, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Period!
    Breakfast aids in breaking or making our entire day, our mood, energy level, blood sugar level and other factors can depend on that too. Do as the Germans do and enjoy a filling breakfast every morning. Eat eggs, bacon, whole grain bread, butter, a glass of milk and maybe some fruits on the side!

    South Africa: Rooibos

    We have all heard about green tea but if you want something more effective, go for rooibos tea. It will help burn fat while boosting the metabolic rate like none other. Drink up to 3 cups of rooibos tea and notice a slimming difference!

    Ailsa Ewert
    Ailsa Ewert
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