7 Pieces of advice freshmen students need to hear

    If you are about to become a freshman student, you should be extremely excited about upcoming year. It’s a turning point of your life, which will bring you even more changes than you could imagine.

    You shouldn’t be afraid about trying new things and getting experience, because it will provide you with numerous amazing opportunities. Let’s check the following useful advices, which will allow you to enjoy your golden years fully.

    1. Don’t give up!

    The first year at college is always the hardest one, because you need to adjust to new surroundings and also network a lot. You will have to introduce yourself to your group mates and your professors, and it’s not that easy, if you are a shy person.

    Most of freshmen students get stressed because of the numerous assignments and the pressing deadlines, so they get upset easily. In fact, you shouldn’t be afraid to get a low grade or fail your test, because it always happens, when you start learning something new. Don’t panic and keep studying, asking for professional academic help – you need time to get into normal routine.

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    2. Make friends

    New friends will make you feel more comfortable in a new environment. They will support you, if you fail your test, and will celebrate your success, if you get good grade. Best friends will become your new family, so you will not miss your home and your parents too much.

    Don’t waste time and meet them as soon as possible. You should participate in different kind of activities for freshmen, attend small parties and feel free to talk to the strangers. You can be sure that college friends will stay in your life for years.

    3. Don’t party too hard

    Friends partying

    You need to find a balance between college and personal life. You can go to the night clubs on weekends, but you should focus on learning during the weekdays.

    Some freshmen enjoy an opportunity to escape from parent’s control and try to attend every party they can afford. As a result, these students risk to get expelled from a college during the first semester. So, if you want to graduate successfully, don’t make this mistake. 

    4. Don’t take drugs

    Some young individuals have a lack of self-confidence, so they try to act “cool” in public and start taking drugs. In fact, it’s not “cool” at all. Bad habits will not help you to become popular, or make new friends, or study harder; but it will ruin your physical and mental health.

    As a first year student, you risk to get in a bad company and spoil your life. Be careful getting new acquaintances, and never let someone force you to take a wrong path.

    5. Build good reputation

    You should spend your first terms in a college building a good reputation with the professors and tutors. Once they will know you as a hard working and intelligent young individual, they will treat you with respect during all years of study.

    Positive image will help you to get good grades and to avoid numerous troubles. It’s more likely that professor will accept your excuses for being late, if you are the best student in your group, than if you are the worst one.

    6. Enjoy your life

    Most people believe that college years are the best in their lives, so you also shouldn’t miss a chance to create sweet memories. Studying process is not the only thing, which matters; you should find time to enjoy your private life as well.

    You should participate in all kind of school activities, get new hobbies and meet interesting people. Schedule your week to get few spare hours, and you will have enough time to try something brand new, which brings you positive emotions.

    7. Choose healthy lifestyle

    Yoga on building top

    According to the latest scientific studies, most of the students gained on average 3.38 kg of extra weight during the first year of college. So, if you want to stay fit, you need to live a healthy life.

    You should eat wholesome food and find time for sport, even if you are super busy with your assignments. Moreover, it will help you to overcome stress and have enough energy to study effectively.

    Final thoughts

    First year of college is exciting, challenging and unforgettable. You will get new experience, acquire fresh knowledge and meet amazing people. Try to find a balance between studying and your private life, and you will enjoy every day.

    Freshmen students make a lot of mistakes and there’s nothing bad about it. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to fail – this is the best way to learn a lesson. Wish you only good grades and happy moments!

    Daniela McVicker
    Daniela McVicker
    Daniela McVicker is an editor at RatedbyStudents, but she used to be English teacher at college for 5 years. She truly enjoys uncovering students’ hidden talents in novel and poem writing. Currently, she is working on a book, which will motivate young people to develop their unique skills.

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