7 Best Workouts To Boost Your Testosterone Level

    Even though millions of babies are born each year, still many couples are unsuccessful at conceiving. One in seven couples have a difficult time getting pregnant and become parents. This problem of infertility can be depressing and even cause problems in a relationship. Infertility is a problem that is more common than most people think. In the United Kingdom, there are about 3.5 million people who are suffering from infertility, according to News-Medical. According to, as much as 25% of couples in developing countries are also affected by fertility problems. Infertility can affect both a man and a woman. Often only one person in a relationship is affected by this problem. But, in some cases, both partners may also be affected; thus decreasing the odds of a successful pregnancy.

    Infertility can be caused by numerous factors. Genetics, lifestyle habits and other health concerns; all play roles in the determination of a person’s fertility. Among men, another factor contributing towards infertility is a low testosterone level. While low testosterone is more prevalent among older men, it can occur in younger men as well. Testosterone is a hormone and its deficiency leads to problems related to their heart health, bone health, their sex drive and, of course, infertility.

    Boosting Testosterone Through Exercise

    Physical exercise is good for you. It helps to keep your heart strong, enhances your muscle mass and even helps to lower stress levels. Certain physical activities have also been proven to assist with stimulating the production of testosterone in the male body; thus leading to an increase in circulating testosterone in their bodies. In this article, we would like to focus on these particular physical activities that can help to restore optimum levels of testosterone in your body, which will offer you an array of benefits – including its ability to increase fertility in men.

    Regular Weight Lifting

    The key to boosting testosterone through exercise lies within lifting heavy weights, training the larger muscle groups in the body and to use shorter rest periods between sets. In newbies simple weight lifting at home might do the trick in the beginning. Buy a pair of workout weights. It would be best to buy different sets of weights. Start out with the lighter weights and work your way up. Do not only rely on these, but rather use them as a way to get yourself going. Once you get used to weight lifting, you can opt for more intense workouts or even join a gym for specialized training.

    Sprint Workouts

    Sprint workouts are quite popular, and they are particularly beneficial for your physical well-being. A 2011 study that was conducted by the Tarbiat Modares University in Iran concluded that sprint exercises have a range of health benefits for men including the ability to boost their testosterone. Though the study chiefly looked at the short-term benefits of the sprint workouts, it focused on long-term benefits as well. They found that while testosterone peaked during the post-workout period just as with other workouts, with sprint workouts testosterone levels remained at a specific peak level for longer period.

    Don’t Forget Your Legs

    When it comes to working out for men, there is a particular focus on working the arms, chest muscles and the abdominal areas – these are, after all, the specific areas of the male body that is associated with the alpha male figure. This also means that men tend to overlook the fact that their legs should also be focused on during training sessions. Odense University found testosterone levels in men who participated in both arm and leg-focused exercises to increase more than among those who avoided exercises that focused only on their arms.

    High Interval Intensity Training

    While this isn’t a particular exercise, it is a technique that will surely increase testosterone levels – in many cases, more than some of the more common training protocols that you are used to. High interval intensity training, also known as HIIT, involves various exercises that should be performed at a high level of intensity. This may include a wide variety of different exercises, and the particular protocols that work best for every person may also defer.

    Do Some Pull Ups

    Pull ups are simple, yet for many people, this exercise seems somewhat of a challenge. Still, it poses as an effective workout routine for increasing both strength and endurance and has the ability to work on multiple muscle groups at once, including the biceps, the forearm, the upper body, shoulders, triceps, wings, and back. This particular form of exercise is also an excellent choice for boosting testosterone levels.

    Give Yoga A Go

    Yoga is not for women alone! A lot of men tend to think that this is not a real form of exercise and completely avoids it, yet yoga holds many benefits for men – including a boost in testosterone production. Valentin Bosioc reports that the cobra, full lotus, plow pose, locust pose and the supine spinal twist are all excellent for releasing testosterone. In addition to increasing testosterone, these yoga poses are also good for strengthening muscles in particular areas and for relieving stress.

    Forced Extra Reps

    You can do only do much while working out and lifting heavy weights. There comes the point – these particular points defer from one person to another – when you simply cannot do more reps. This means that you have reached your limit, but it does not mean you cannot go on anymore and further benefit from the testosterone benefits of exercise. Get a partner to help you do an extra one or two forced reps to reap the maximum level of benefits from your training routine.


    Infertility among men is somewhat more common than most people think it is, affecting up to 25% of countries that are classified as “developing.” This condition can be caused by health-related issues, as well as lifestyle habits that may affect fertility in an adverse way. Testosterone plays a particularly important part in fertility, and when testosterone levels are low, men may suffer from problems with their fertility. In this post, we outlined some excellent workouts that you can start doing today to improve your testosterone and become more fertile.

    Will O’Conner
    Will O’Conner
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