Health Experts’ Secrets to Have a Flat Belly

    Ever dreamt of wearing those cool denim jeans but your tummy’s stopping you? Yeah, we know the struggle. We’ve been there, done that. Want to know what we figured out? Some health experts shared some tips or let’s say secrets for us to have a flat tummy. Here are some shocking food, tricks, and moves that will help you lose some pound, banish the bloat and make you feel even sexier. Say hi to your skinny jeans once again!

    Protein in this mystical hour

    Boiled Eggs

    “Eat a snack that contains protein between 3 to 4 in the afternoon. Let’s go for a protein bar, a couple of egg slices or a piece of low-fat cheese,” says Natasha Turner, a nutritionist and the author of The Hormone Diet.

    Never miss this meal as this will boost your body’s metabolism process. We all know that metabolism is the process of converting the food and drink that you take into energy. Aside from that, it also helps in balancing your blood sugar. The lower your blood sugar, the lower your insulin. Insulin is the one responsible for storing fats in your tummy.

    Say yes to zero sugar


    “Take as close to zero sugar to keep your insulin level low. Aside from that, this will also keep glucagon in your body high,” says Jorge Cruise author of The Belly Fat

    Glucagon is your best friend through this process. Glucagon works to elevate the concentration of glucose in the body’s bloodstream. As an effect, it lowers glucose, unlike insulin. It chews up your fats just like what Ms. Pac Man is doing around your waist and converting fat to energy. Just put this in mind, the lower the sugar intake, the lower the insulin levels, the higher glucagon in the body.

    No to bloat, yes to chewing

    Biting Apple


    “Chewing is the number one exercise to avoid bloating,” in The Flexitarian Diet by Dawn Jackson Blatner

    Chew every food you take until it feels like a sauce in your mouth. Chewing your food better lessens the amount of air that you swallow together with the food itself which causes bloating. Aside from that, it would also slows down your process of eating food which means that you eat slowly and smaller portions in every meal. Without properly eating the food from your lips, this makes the digestion of the food inappropriate. Well-digested food means less gas and bloat in the tummy.

    The DCBA approach

    Women Health

    “The DCBA approach is best when you’re trying to achieve your dream flat belly. D is for diet, C is for Cardio exercise, the third is B which is building muscles, and lastly, A for abs exercise,” says Myatt Murphy, author of The Body You Want in The Time You Have

    Follow this routine, and you will lose 1 to 2 pounds a week in a safe way.  60 minutes of your time every day should be for the preparation of a healthy meal. 20 minutes three to five times a week running or jogging around your village for cardio. Spend 15 minutes a day thrice a week for a strength exercise. Finally, a 5-minute crunches three times a week for your abs exercise.

    Size does matter

    Food IngredientsCan you feel it? Like you think or feel that you’re bloated? You’re thinking maybe it’s because you’re too stuffed? Simply because you eat too much too much. If you eat too much and you feel uncomfortable afterwards, why not try smaller portions?

    “Partly-controlled meals with whole-grain foods is the best food to eat to achieve the flat belly you’ve been dreaming half of your life. Those who eat this type of food tend to tone to lose their abdominal fats.” -The Snack Factor Diet by Keri Glassman

    Hahaha for the abs

    Did you know that laughing strengthens your abs? Experts say that the best way to tone your abs is through laughing. When you are laughing, the muscles in your stomach expand and contract (just like what it does when you’re exercising). Concurrently, those muscles that are not used in laughing will have the chance to rest. There are even classes of “Laughter Yoga” nowadays. The harder you chuckle, the more abs you tone.

    Learn the cheat

    If you are asking, “what if I can’t do all of those? How can I make my tummy look flat?” Our suggestion? Learn the cheat. Experiment on your body and take the focus into a different body part.

    If you’re thinking about emphasizing your legs, try wearing a skinny jeans or a skirt. If you’re thinking of taking the focus on your cleavage, make sure your bra cooperates with you and does the job.


    Did you even imagine some of those hacks like eating around 3 to 4 pm? Well, we didn’t. As we all know, there are tons of ways on how to achieve your body goals. You only need self-control, discipline, hard work and patience because no one turns from being huge and unhealthy to a sexy, gorgeous lady in an instant. It will also make you look better in your clothes. Both men and women can enjoy their men’s or women’s clothing because it fits them better.

    Jenny Park
    Jenny Park
    Jenny Park is a fashion designer by profession and a writer by heart. She writes on behalf of French Connection, a clothing online company based in Australia. She spends her vacant time reading about the new and latest fashion craze anywhere in the globe.

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